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1991-10-17Aboriginal people searching for a solution to the problem of alcoholism in their communitiesGrant, Stan; O'Brien, Kerry
12 September 1990The banks: are they overcharging the customer to pay for their mistakes.. Reporters Mark Bannerman and Kerry O'BrienBannerman, Mark; O'Brien, Kerry
11 October 1993Between Uluru and a hard place. by Kerry O'BrienO'Brien, Kerry
15 February 1994Defining the power of the Senate. by Kerry O'BrienO'Brien, Kerry
7 June 1993Experience of indigenous people of New Zealand, Canada and United States in their claims for land rights. Reporters Kerry O'Brien, Murray McLaughlinO'Brien, Kerry; McLaughlin, Murray
6 April 1993Major constitutional reform is necessary before Australia can become a republicO'Brien, Kerry; Greenlees, Don
4 February 1992Massacre in East Timor has generated calls for democratic reform in Indonesia. Reporters Kerry O'Brien and Eric CampbellO'Brien, Kerry; Campbell, Eric
26 July 1990National Bioethics Committee releases first of two reports on surrogacy: supports surrogacy on condition that it's strictly controlled by lawAttard, Monica; O'Brien, Kerry
24 June 1993Opinions by prominent lawyers on the impact of the Mabo High Court decision. reporters Kerry O'Brien and Don GreenleesO'Brien, Kerry; Greenlees, Don
1990-08-01The politics of pulp /Interview by Kerry O'Brien and Andrew FowlerO'Brien, Kerry; Fowler, Andrew
28 April 1993Potential for conflict of interest between Aborigines and mining interests following the High Court's Mabo decisionClarke, Chris; O'Brien, Kerry
8 August 1990The problem of greenhouse gas emissions and Australia's record on research funding..Bannerman, Mark; O'Brien, Kerry
2 June 1993Republican debate: defining the powers of the head of state. Reporter Kerry O'BrienO'Brien, Kerry
15 September 1993Republicans three. reporters Kerry O'Brien and Bob HawkeO'Brien, Kerry; Hawke, Bob
13 July 1992Review of what benefits have accrued to Aboriginal people through land rights. reporters Kerry O'Brien and Prue LewarneO'Brien, Kerry; Lewarne, Prue
20 July 1993Senate Committee attempting to define ministerial responsibility following problems with the pay TV tendering process. Reporter Kerry O'BrienO'Brien, Kerry; Fowler, Andrew
13 October 1992Slow-down in predicted economic growth will affect the Government's ability to finance tax cuts promised in the One Nation statementO'Brien, Kerry; Greenlees, Don
18 September 1990Sustainable development: putting a monetary value on natural resourcesO'Brien, Kerry; Maudsley, Dugald
15 August 1994Undermining policy: pressure for a change to the ALP's three-mine policy. Reporters Geoff Parish, Kerry O'BrienParish, Geoff; O'Brien, Kerry
27 October 1992WA Inc Royal Commission has highlighted the need for greater accountability by public servants. reporters Andrew Fowler and Kerry O'BrienFowler, Andrew; O'Brien, Kerry