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-Decreasing prevalence of Trichuris trichiura (whipworm) in the Northern Territory from 2002 to 2012.-Crowe, Amy L; Smith, Pam; Ward, Linda; Currie, Bart J; Baird, Rob
-Development of a prototype lateral flow immunoassay (LFI) for the rapid diagnosis of melioidosis.-Houghton, Raymond L; Reed, Dana E; Hubbard, Mark A; Dillon, Michael J; Chen, Hongjing; Currie, Bart J; Mayo, Mark; Sarovich, Derek S; Theobald, Vanessa; Limmathurotsakul, Direk; Wongsuvan, Gumphol; Chantratita, Narisara; Peacock, Sharon J; Hoffmaster, Alex R; Duval, Brea; Brett, Paul J; Burtnick, Mary N; Aucoin, David P
1996Emerging epidemic of community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in the Northern Territory. by Graeme P. Maguire, Anne D. Arthur, Pam J. Boustead, Brian Dwyer and Bart J. Currie-Maguire, Graeme P; Arthur, Anne D; Boustead, Pam J; Dwyer, Brian; Currie, Bart J
-Epidemiology of community-acquired and nosocomial bloodstream infections in tropical Australia: a 12-month prospective study.-Douglas, Mark W; Lum, Gary; Roy, Jhumur; Fisher, Dale A; Anstey, Nicholas M; Currie, Bart J
-Epidemiology: A global picture of melioidosis.-Currie, Bart J; Kaestli, Mirjam
1995Evaluation of strategies used by a remote Aboriginal community to eliminate petrol sniffing. by Chris B. Burns, Bart J. Currie, Alan B. Clough and Reggie Wuridjal-Burns, C. B. (Christopher Bruce); Currie, Bart J; Clough, Alan B; Wuridjal, Reggie
-Further evaluation of a rapid diagnostic test for melioidosis in an area of endemicity.-O'Brien, Mathew; Freeman, Kevin; Lum, Gary; Cheng, Allen C; Jacups, Susan P; Currie, Bart J
-Global and regional dissemination and evolution of Burkholderia pseudomallei.-Chewapreecha, Claire; Holden, Matthew T G; Vehkala, Minna; Välimäki, Niko; Yang, Zhirong; Harris, Simon R; Mather, Alison E; Tuanyok, Apichai; De Smet, Birgit; Le Hello, Simon; Bizet, Chantal; Mayo, Mark; Wuthiekanun, Vanaporn; Limmathurotsakul, Direk; Phetsouvanh, Rattanaphone; Spratt, Brian G; Corander, Jukka; Keim, Paul; Dougan, Gordon; Dance, David A B; Currie, Bart J; Parkhill, Julian; Peacock, Sharon J
-Histoplasmosis in two aboriginal patients from Australia's tropical Northern Territory.-Ralph, Anna; Raines, Mark; Rode, Jurgen W; Currie, Bart J
-HIV testing rate increased following recommendation of routine screening of acute medical admissions at Royal Darwin Hospital.-Lallenec, Laura M; Currie, Bart J; Baird, Rob W; Pitman, Matthew; Ryder, Nathan
-Hot water immersion v icepacks for treating the pain of Chironex fleckeri stings: a randomised controlled trial.-Isbister, Geoffrey K; Palmer, Didier J; Weir, Rebecca L; Currie, Bart J
-Improved multilocus sequence typing of Burkholderia pseudomallei and closely related species.-Price, Erin P; MacHunter, Barbara; Spratt, Brian G; Wagner, David M; Currie, Bart J; Sarovich, Derek S
17-Jul-2018Improving Delivery of Secondary Prophylaxis for Rheumatic Heart Disease in a High-Burden Setting: Outcome of a Stepped-Wedge, Community, Randomized Trial.-Ralph, Anna P; de Dassel, Jessica L; Kirby, Adrienne; Read, Clancy; Mitchell, Alison G; Maguire, Graeme P; Currie, Bart J; Bailie, Ross S; Johnston, Vanessa; Carapetis, Jonathan R
-Improving delivery of secondary prophylaxis for rheumatic heart disease in remote Indigenous communities: study protocol for a stepped-wedge randomised trial.-Ralph, Anna P; Read, Clancy; Johnston, Vanessa; de Dassel, Jessica L; Bycroft, Kerstin; Mitchell, Alice; Bailie, Ross S; Maguire, Graeme P; Edwards, Keith; Currie, Bart J; Kirby, Adrienne; Carapetis, Jonathan R
-Intravenous therapy duration and outcomes in melioidosis: a new treatment paradigm.-Pitman, Matthew C; Luck, Tara; Marshall, Catherine S; Anstey, Nicholas M; Ward, Linda; Currie, Bart J
-Investigating pressure bandaging for snakebite in a simulated setting: bandage type, training and the effect of transport.-Canale, Elizabeth; Isbister, Geoffrey K; Currie, Bart J
-Irukandji syndrome case series from Australia's Tropical Northern Territory.-Nickson, Christopher P; Waugh, Edith B; Jacups, Susan P; Currie, Bart J
1995Locally acquired hepatitis E in the Northern Territory of Australia. by Timothy C.B. Heath, James N.C. Burrow, Bart J. Currie, Timothy C. B.; Burrow, James N. C.; Currie, Bart J
-Long-Term Outcomes From Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Data-Linkage and Survival Analysis Approach.-He, Vincent Y F; Condon, John R; Ralph, Anna P; Zhao, Yuejen; Roberts, Kathryn; de Dassel, Jessica L; Currie, Bart J; Fittock, Marea; Edwards, Keith N; Carapetis, Jonathan R
-Loss of Methyltransferase Function and Increased Efflux Activity Leads to Doxycycline Resistance in Burkholderia pseudomallei.-Webb, Jessica R; Price, Erin P; Currie, Bart J; Sarovich, Derek S