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1995Locally acquired hepatitis E in the Northern Territory of Australia. by Timothy C.B. Heath, James N.C. Burrow, Bart J. Currie, Timothy C. B.; Burrow, James N. C.; Currie, Bart J
-Long-Term Outcomes From Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Data-Linkage and Survival Analysis Approach.-He, Vincent Y F; Condon, John R; Ralph, Anna P; Zhao, Yuejen; Roberts, Kathryn; de Dassel, Jessica L; Currie, Bart J; Fittock, Marea; Edwards, Keith N; Carapetis, Jonathan R
-Loss of Methyltransferase Function and Increased Efflux Activity Leads to Doxycycline Resistance in Burkholderia pseudomallei.-Webb, Jessica R; Price, Erin P; Currie, Bart J; Sarovich, Derek S
-Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the identification of Burkholderia pseudomallei from Asia and Australia and differentiation between Burkholderia species.-Suttisunhakul, Vichaya; Pumpuang, Apinya; Ekchariyawat, Peeraya; Wuthiekanun, Vanaporn; Elrod, Mindy G; Turner, Paul; Currie, Bart J; Phetsouvanh, Rattanaphone; Dance, David A B; Limmathurotsakul, Direk; Peacock, Sharon J; Chantratita, Narisara
-Melioidosis and end-stage renal disease in tropical northern Australia.-Chalmers, Rachel M S; Majoni, Sandawana W; Ward, Linda; Perry, Greg J; Jabbar, Zulfikar; Currie, Bart J
-Melioidosis and the kidney.-Jabbar, Zulfikar; Currie, Bart J
-Melioidosis at Royal Darwin Hospital in the big 2009-2010 wet season: comparison with the preceding 20 years.-Parameswaran, Uma; Baird, Robert W; Ward, Linda M; Currie, Bart J
-Melioidosis Causing Critical Illness: A Review of 24 Years of Experience From the Royal Darwin Hospital ICU.-Stephens, Dianne P; Thomas, Jane H; Ward, Linda M; Currie, Bart J
1-Feb-2018Melioidosis.-Wiersinga, W Joost; Virk, Harjeet S; Torres, Alfredo G; Currie, Bart J; Peacock, Sharon J; Dance, David A B; Limmathurotsakul, Direk
-Melioidosis: a pediatric disease.-Sanderson, Christine; Currie, Bart J
-Melioidosis: evolving concepts in epidemiology, pathogenesis, and treatment.-Currie, Bart J
-Murray Valley encephalitis in an adult traveller complicated by long-term flaccid paralysis: case report and review of the literature.-Douglas, Mark W; Stephens, Dianne P; Burrow, James N C; Anstey, Nicholas M; Talbot, Kevin; Currie, Bart J
-Nocardiosis in the Tropical Northern Territory of Australia, 1997-2014.-McGuinness, Sarah L; Whiting, Sarah E; Baird, Rob; Currie, Bart J; Ralph, Anna P; Anstey, Nicholas M; Price, Ric N; Davis, Joshua S; Tong, Steven Y C
-Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis from infection with Burkholderia pseudomallei: A 20-year prospective melioidosis study from northern Australia.-Morse, Levi P; Smith, Jonathan; Mehta, Janak; Ward, Linda; Cheng, Allen C; Currie, Bart J
-Out of hospital treatment of patients with melioidosis using ceftazidime in 24 h elastomeric infusors, via peripherally inserted central catheters.-Huffam, Sarah; Jacups, Susan P; Kittler, Paulene; Currie, Bart J
-Pangenome Analysis of Burkholderia pseudomallei: Genome Evolution Preserves Gene Order despite High Recombination Rates.-Spring-Pearson, Senanu M; Stone, Joshua K; Doyle, Adina; Allender, Christopher J; Okinaka, Richard T; Mayo, Mark; Broomall, Stacey M; Hill, Jessica M; Karavis, Mark A; Hubbard, Kyle S; Insalaco, Joseph M; McNew, Lauren A; Rosenzweig, C Nicole; Gibbons, Henry S; Currie, Bart J; Wagner, David M; Keim, Paul; Tuanyok, Apichai
-Pathogens penetrating the central nervous system: infection pathways and the cellular and molecular mechanisms of invasion.-Dando, Samantha J; Mackay-Sim, Alan; Norton, Robert; Currie, Bart J; St John, James A; Ekberg, Jenny A K; Batzloff, Michael; Ulett, Glen C; Beacham, Ifor R
-Permethrin and ivermectin for scabies.-Currie, Bart J; McCarthy, James S
-Preliminary consultation on preferred product characteristics of benzathine penicillin G for secondary prophylaxis of rheumatic fever.-Wyber, Rosemary; Boyd, Ben J; Colquhoun, Samantha; Currie, Bart J; Engel, Mark; Kado, Joseph; Karthikeyan, Ganesan; Sullivan, Mark; Saxena, Anita; Sheel, Meru; Steer, Andrew; Mucumbitsi, Joseph; Z├╝hlke, Liesl; Carapetis, Jonathan
-Prescribing for people with acute rheumatic fever.-Ralph, Anna P; Noonan, Sara; Boardman, Claire; Halkon, Catherine; Currie, Bart J