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Reg_ecosystem.pdf.jpg2008Ecosystem regionalisation in the Northern Territory of Australia : a conceptual approach-Northern Territory. Dept. of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts And Sport; Brocklehurst, P. S.
Vegmap_scopingTECH.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2008Finer scale vegetation map for the Northern TerritoryP. Brocklehurst, Ben Sparrow, Bruce Wilson & Mike ClarkSparrow, Ben; Wilson, Bruce; Clark, Mike; Brocklehurst, P. S.; Northern Territory. Dept. Of Natural Resources, Environment And The Arts
Report_Kath_dieback_final_approved.pdf.jpg2014Investigation into dieback, Katherine River-Trueman, M.; Brocklehurst, P. S.; Thompson, T.; McLennan, A.; Kahl, M.; Northern Territory. Department of Land Resource Management
MANGDOCM.PDF.jpg26-Feb-1996The mangrove communities of Darwin Harbourby P. Brocklehurst & B. Edmeades; Mangrove survey of Darwin Harbour Northern Territory (N.T.)Brocklehurst, P. S.; Edmeades, B. F.; Russack, A.
NT_Guidelines_and_Field_Methodology_for_Vegetation_Survey_and_Mapping.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2007Northern Territory guidelines and field methodology for vegetation survey and mappingP. Brocklehurst, D. Lewis, D. Napier and D. Lynch.Brocklehurst, P. S.; Lewis, D.; Lynch, D.; Napier, D.
Vegetation_Mapping_HIRes.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2009A prospectus for the development of 1:100,000 scale vegetation mapping for the Northern Territory: mapping the futureDavid Jan and Peter Brocklehurst.; Mapping the futureJan, David; Brocklehurst, P. S.; Northern Territory. Dept. Of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts And Sport. Land And Water Division; Greening Australia (N.T.); Natural Heritage Trust (Australia)
Reconnaissance_Land_Resource_Survey_of_Auvergne_Stn_and_Sections_of_Spirit_Hills_Stn_NT.pdf.jpg1998Reconnaissance land resource survey of Auvergne Station and sections of Spirit Hill Station, Northern TerritoryP.Brocklehurst, B.Harwood, J. Hill, B.Edmeades and A.FischerBrocklehurst, P. S.; Harwood, Bob; Hill, Jason V; Edmeades, B.; Fischer, A.
Vegetation_Communities _Coburg_Peninsula_Garig_Gunak_Barlu_National_Park.pdf.jpg2010Vegetation Communities: Cobourg Peninsula / Garig Gunak Barlu National Park-Brocklehurst, P. S.; Northern Territory. Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport
Vegetation_Survey_and_Mapping_of_the_McArthur_River_Catchment.pdf.jpg2009Vegetation survey and mapping of the McArthur River catchment, Northern Territory : March 2008 to February 2009Nick Cuff, Tahnee Thompson, Ben Sparrow & Peter Brocklehurst.Cuff, Nick; Thompson, Tahnee; Sparrow, Ben; Brocklehurst, P. S.
Workplan_012009D.pdf.jpg2009Workplan : 1:100,000 Scale of the native vegetation of the Northern Territory : Implications and Indicative CostingPeter BrocklehurstBrocklehurst, P. S.; Northern Territory. Department Of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts And Sport. Land And Vegetation Branch, Natural Resources Division