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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
PH0837-0006.tif.jpg-Doctor Peel at Doctor's Gully-Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0005.tif.jpg-Doctor's Gully : cutting for water-Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0009.tif.jpg-Doctor's house-Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0013.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Elizabeth River landingJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0017.tif.jpg-Expedition team-Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0018.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Expedition teamJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0010.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Frances BayJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0016.tif.jpg-Government well-Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0004.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Goyder's main camp at Fort HillJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0002.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Group of Goyder's survey team at campsiteJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0019.tif.jpg-Knuckeys camp-Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0014-b.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Main campJoseph BrooksBrooks, Joseph
PH0837-0003.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Man standing beside termite moundJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0008.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Mr. McLachlan's camp at the three wellsJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0011.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Tumbling WatersJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0015.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Tumbling WatersJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0012.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869Tumbling WatersJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph
PH0837-0001.tif.jpg26-Feb-1869View of riverJoseph Brooks?Brooks, Joseph