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PH0094-0013.jpg.jpg1941-01-01AboriginesClarke, B.
PH0094-0167.tif.jpg1940-01-01Bathurst Island MissionClarke, B.
PH0094-0003.jpg.jpg1941-01-01Bishop GsellClarke, B.
PH0094-0005.tif.jpg1941-01-01Bishop GsellClarke, B.
PH0094-0170.jpg.jpg1940-01-01Bishop Gsell and AboriginesClarke, B.
05839.JPG.jpg1940-01-01Bishop Gsell and priest, Bathurst IslandClarke, B.
05687.JPG.jpg1941-01-01ChildrenClarke, B.
PH0094-0026.tif.jpg1941-01-01ChildrenClarke, B.
PH0094-0168.tif.jpg1940-01-01Children with Catholic sistersClarke, B.
05675.JPG.jpg1941-01-01CrowdClarke, B.
05676.JPG.jpg1941-01-01CrowdClarke, B.
05684.JPG.jpg1941-01-01DidgeridooClarke, B.
05682.JPG.jpg1941-01-01ManClarke, B.
05686.JPG.jpg1941-01-01ManClarke, B.
05683.JPG.jpg1941-01-01Man with babyClarke, B.
05690.JPG.jpg1941-01-01MenClarke, B.
05685.JPG.jpg1941-01-01Men and childrenClarke, B.
PH0094-0006.tif.jpg1941-01-01SanctuaryClarke, B.
05672.JPG.jpg1941-01-01SanctuaryClarke, B.
05692.JPG.jpg1941-01-01SoldierClarke, B.