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Bore Completion Report (RN 14692 and RN 14693) for Ngalikirlangu Outstation Water Supply.pdf.jpg1986Bore completetion report (RN 14692 and RN 14693) for Ngalikirlangu Outstation : water supply-Collin, D.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority. Water Directorate. Hydrogeology Section. Water Resources Group
WRA85033.pdf.jpg1986Bore completion report : RN 14520 and 14522 Joint Defence Space Research facility Pine GapBore completion report rn 14520, rn 14522, Pine Gap; prepared by Derek CollinCollin, D.
WRA86032.pdf.jpg1986Bore completion report wilora outstation dlh-187-Collin, D.
WRD85032.pdf.jpg1986Bore completion report, alyawarra outstation dlh-??? Rn 14073 & rn 14074.-Collin, D.
WRD85034.pdf.jpg1985Bore Completion Report, Imanpa Community DLH-051 RN's 14345 to 14349.-Collin, D.
WRA87021.pdf.jpg1987Bore completion report, ulpunyali dlh-162 rn 13983, rn 14153.-Collin, D.
WRA87024.pdf.jpg1987Bore Completion Report, Utaka Excision RN 14804 DLH-159 and RN 14805. 1987.-Collin, D.
WRA87025.pdf.jpg1987Bore completion report. Orrtipa thurra, rn 14321 dlh-026-Collin, D.
WRA87027.pdf.jpg1987Bore completion report. Utopia (Urapuntja) areaBore completion report. Utopia area - * Adelaide bore RN14691; dlh-027 * Aniltjiy RN14690; dlh-082 * Ngkulaya RN14689; dlh-104 * Mingintirnina RN14688; dlh-126 * Ngwarialanima RN14681 dlh-146 * Atnarara RN14687; dlh-147 * Arrawara RN; prepared by Derek CollinCollin, D.; Power and Water Authority. Water Directorate. Hydrogeology section
WRA87026.pdf.jpg1987Bore completion report. Yanupirli outstation, dlh- rn 14980. 1987.-Collin, D.
WRA87028.pdf.jpg1-Mar-1987Bore testing report : Winparku & kiwikurra (WA) /D. Collins-Collin, D.
WRA87030.pdf.jpg1993Illeuwurru Outstation Water Supply, Bore DLH-737 Completion Report for RN 14877 & 14878-Collin, D.