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ir324.pdf.jpg1999-10-01An Asian wetland inventory - Summary of proposalFinlayson, C. M.
ir457.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Australia's northern rivers. Untapped resources? Priceless natural heritage? Research and information needs.Finlayson, C. M.
ir454.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Features of Australia's wetland biodiversity : critical issues and strategic responsesFinlayson, C. M.
ir376.pdf.jpg2001-08-01Features of Australia's wetland biodiversity : Critical issues and strategic responsesFinlayson, C. M.
ir351.pdf.jpg2000-12-01Loss and degradation of Australian wetlands. Paper presented at LAW ASIA Conference: Environmental law issues in the Asia~Pacific regionFinlayson, C. M.
ir399.pdf.jpg2003-01-01Presentations on wetland inventory, assessment and monitoringFinlayson, C. M.
ir303.pdf.jpg1998-10-01Problems for wetland managers of the futureFinlayson, C. M.
ir302.pdf.jpg1998-10-01The Ramsar Convention and wetland management by local communitiesFinlayson, C. M.
ir452.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Ramsar working in Australia : non-governmental organisations and Australia's role in the international scene : Paper presented at Australian Wetland Forum 3, Banrock Station, 13 June 2003Finlayson, C. M.
ir453.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Restoration and monitoring of the ecological character of wetlandsFinlayson, C. M.
ir458.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Status of wetlands in northern Australia Abstract and presentation made at 2nd National Conference on Aquatic Environments: Sustaining our Aquatic Environments - Implementing Solutions, Townsville, 20-23 November 2001Finlayson, C. M.
ir375.pdf.jpg2001-08-01A strategic approach for characterising wetlands : The Asian Wetland Inventory (Asian Wetland Symposium)Finlayson, C. M.
ir455.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Tropical wetlands in Northern Australia - their value and futureFinlayson, C. M.
ir456.pdf.jpg2003-06-01Wetland inventory - training course, Cali, Colombia, 6-15 March 2002Finlayson, C. M.
ir401.pdf.jpg2003-01-01Wise use of wetlands : powerpoint slides used in an unpublished presentation made at the North Queensland Sustainablity Fourm, Townsville, 12 April 2002Finlayson, C. M.
ir459.pdf.jpg2003-06-01World Wetland Day 2003 : Tropical wetlands Presentations on tropical wetlands: 31 January, Townsville, and 8 February, Darwin, 2003Finlayson, C. M.