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42080.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Book launch-Fuchs, Peter
42086.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Book launch-Fuchs, Peter
PH0554-0010.tif.jpg15-Dec-1992Book launchPeter Fuchs.Fuchs, Peter
42079.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Christine Doran-Fuchs, Peter
42076.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Christine Doran and Mavis Blackadder-Fuchs, Peter
42078.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Country Women's Association-Fuchs, Peter
42074.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Mavis Blackadder-Fuchs, Peter
42075.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Michael Loos-Fuchs, Peter
42073.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Nancy Fuchs-Fuchs, Peter
42085.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Nancy Fuchs and Lee Peake-Fuchs, Peter
42081.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992People at Book launch-Fuchs, Peter
42084.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Signing Books-Fuchs, Peter
42083.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Women at Book launch-Fuchs, Peter
42077.JPG.jpg15-Dec-1992Women at launch-Fuchs, Peter