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WRD87009.pdf.jpg1990-09-01Alice Springs Water Supply Augmentation Study, Roe Creek Borefield, Production Bore Rehabilitation options.Jolly, P.; Stevens, B. G.; Power, N.; Garner, C. B.
WRD00036.pdf.jpg2000-11-01Analysis of Groundwater Fed Flows for the Flora, Katherine, Douglas and Daly Rivers.Jolly, P.; George, D.; Jolly, I.; Spiers, Z.
WRD03045.pdf.jpg2003-01-01Arafura swamp water resources studyWilliams, D.; Chudleigh, I.; Jolly, P.
WRD91058.pdf.jpg1990-08-01Baniyala groundwater resource assessment 1990. Dlh-458Chin, D.; Jolly, P.; Rowston, P.
WRD02048.pdf.jpg2002-11-01Daguragu/Kalkarinji Review of Water Supply Source OptionsJolly, P.
WRD02010.pdf.jpg2001-06-01Daly river catchment water balance.Jolly, P.
WRA01049.pdf.jpg2001-10-01Development of a Groundwater Model for the Ti-Tree Farms AreaJolly, P.
WRD04030.pdf.jpg2004-07-01Environmental Water Requirements of the Daly RiverErskine, Wayne D; Smith, Ian; Jolly, P.
WRD06030.pdf.jpg2007-05-01Evaluating the Potential for Irrigation Induced Salinisation of the Keep River PlainsSumner, J.; Tickell, S. J.; Cook, P.; Knapton, Anthony; Jolly, P.
WRD07013.pdf.jpg2007-05-01Evaluating the Potential for Irrigation Induced Salinisation of the Keep River Plains, Executive SummaryTickell, S. J.; Cook, P.; Sumner, J.; Knapton, Anthony; Jolly, P.
WRD92050.pdf.jpg1992-07-01Explanatory Notes of Helen Springs Hydrological Map 1:250,000.Verma, M. N.; Jolly, P.
WRD85002.pdf.jpg1985-02-01Gunn Point Peninsula: Investigation of Ground- water Resources 1984.Jolly, P.
WRA75009.pdf.jpg1975-11-01Hydrological Information for Proposed Bridges over Hugh and Finke Rivers for Commonwealth Railways.Jolly, P.
WRD88005.pdf.jpg1988-06-01Lambells lagoon groundwater resource investigation.Jolly, P.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD91039.pdf.jpg1992-09-01Maningrida groundwater resource evaluation dlh-362Tyson, P.; Moretti, A.; Jolly, P.; Yin Foo, D.
WRD93020.pdf.jpg1992-12-01Mary river coastal plain subsurface hydrology study 1992.Chin, D.; Martin, K.; Schwartz, T.; Jolly, P.
WRD94062.pdf.jpg1992-12-01Mary river coastal plan subsurface hydrology study 1992, overview report.Chin, D.; Jolly, P.
WRD83017.pdf.jpg1983-04-01Mcminns-benham lagoon borefield investigation 1981-82Jolly, P.
WRD89011.pdf.jpg1989-05-01Minjilang groundwater resource evaluation dlh-375 1986-1987.Jolly, P.
WRD91040.pdf.jpg1991-08-01Nabalco borefield review 1991.Jolly, P.; Pidsley, D.