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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
Lim_030306_PAWAs_11_minute_wait.pdf.jpg3-Mar-200611 minutes on emergency hold at PAWA-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
Lim.050207.shift_shortfall.pdf.jpg5-Feb-20071100 ways to reduce the quality of hospital care-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
0703_RL_Federal_Grant_for_Old_Timer's_Home_Welcome.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2005$2.5m Federal Capital Grant is welcome news for Old Timer's Home & Alice Springs-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
Lim.220507.Last_Chance.pdf.jpg22-May-200724 hours from hope or despair-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
0112_rl_roads.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2003$5m to $10m needed to Territory roads-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
250506_Lim_-_Aboriginal_ALP_Members_are_Wimps.pdf.jpg25-May-2006Aboriginal members of Territory Parliament have betrayed their people-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
060401_Lim-_Govt_Must_Consult_on_Kava.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2006Aboriginal people must be consulted on kava-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
281105_Irrkerlantye_school_closure,_Lim.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2005Aboriginal students punished by Government's Budget crisis-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
1201_rl_acceptance.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2004Acceptance to Regional Health Improvement Network comes as hospital faces crisis-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
2004_rl_broadband.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2004Alice Springs and Desert Knowledge Precinct scores improved broadband services-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
Lim.070409.NTG_Must_Hold_Crime_Summit.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2007Alice Springs crime summit urgently needed-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
2208_RL_Alice_Nurses_'see_red'.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2005Alice Springs Hospital nurses "see red"-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
2504_RL_Alice_Pool_letter1.tif.jpg25-Apr-2005Alice Springs Town Council demands the impossible from the Alice Springs Swimming Club-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
2903_RL_Alice_Pool_2005.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2005Alice Springs Town Council must re-instate starting blocks at swimming pool-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
20051229_Qantas_Pullout.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2005Alice Springs travelling public to be cheated again?-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
0105_rl_wholesale_blackouts.pdf.jpg1-May-2004Alice suffers more wholesale blackouts-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
1704_rl_power_blackout.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2004Alice suffers wholesale blackout while Martin Government rips $20m dividend from PowerWater-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
0403_RL_Mayor_deceives_people_of_Alice_Springs_2005.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2005Alice voters have every right to feel Mayor conned them-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
1104_RL_ALP_Wrecks_Education.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2005ALP wrecks education-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)
071205_ambulance_services,_Lim.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2005Ambulance decision just in time for Christmas-Lim, Richard (Richard Soon Huat)