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1990-07-25.08 Loophole : convictions may be thrown outLoizou, John
day: 27; year: 1994; month: MAR$1.2m lights for MarraraLoizou, John
day: 18; year: 2000; month: Feb$1.5 mil rain damage roadsLoizou, John
day: 05; year: 2002; month: Jun$1.6b a super worry: Cabinet ponders how to provide for PS liabilityLoizou, John
2002-05-11$100,000 boss quits health job: staff informed by e-mailLoizou, John
day: 24; year: 1999; month: Dec$100m aquaculture planLoizou, John
2002-09-191093 budget queries solvedLoizou, John
day: 19; year: 2002; month: Sep$1600 pool fence bonus : safety plan for childrenLoizou, John
day: 22; year: 2002; month: Sep20 year plan for growth neededLoizou, John
day: 12; year: 1995; month: MAR$200 m bid to build on Myilly PointLoizou, John
day: 17; year: 1999; month: Dec2000 APEC forum to boost economyLoizou, John
day: 05; year: 2002; month: Apr$200m gas bid kept on hold: Premiers support onshore projectsLoizou, John
day: 27; year: 2002; month: Sep$250000 compo ceilingLoizou, John
day: 29; year: 2002; month: Aug$25m rail link plan: trains to end at city stationLoizou, John
day: 26; year: 2002; month: Jan2nd rail factory opensLoizou, John
day: 10; year: 1994; month: JUL3 cheers for the republicLoizou, John
day: 18; year: 2002; month: Sep$3800 legal bill for Kiely after clerk's adviceLoizou, John
day: 01; year: 2002; month: Sep$485m rail windfallLoizou, John
day: 25; year: 1994; month: SEP$ 5 m upgrade for tourists : `Dude ranch' for TipperaryLoizou, John
day: 04; year: 2002; month: Jul5-year wait to eyeball MPLoizou, John