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Martin.2303.ProgressOn$1BillionInProjects.pdf.jpg2005-03-23$1 billion worth of projects take step forwardMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20060412_MartinKakaduLaunch.pdf.jpg2006-04-12$1.1 million for enchaNTing KakaduMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20031208_desertknowledge.pdf.jpg2003-12-08$1.2 million construction tender for Desert KnowledgeMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20030211_marrara.pdf.jpg2003-02-11$1.3 million Marrara upgrade passes first football test with flying coloursMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20021213_tcculturalcentre.pdf.jpg2002-12-13$1.5 million for Tennant Creek cultural centreMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20050210_MartinWaterfrontProgress.pdf.jpg2005-02-10$10 million for Waterfront environmental workMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
Martin.2507._New_Services_a_success_on_The_Ghan.pdf.jpg2005-07-25100,000th passenger arrives as additional services on the Ghan prove a successMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20030811_darwincitywaterfront.pdf.jpg2003-08-11$100m commitment the catalyst for Darwin City Waterfront ProjectMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
Martin.2607.Job_Creation_From_Outrigger_Pandanas.pdf.jpg2005-07-26$100m Outrigger Pandanas will create local jobsMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20031204_aliciajohnson.pdf.jpg2003-12-0413th Alicia Johnson MemorialMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20040513_litchfield.pdf.jpg2004-05-13$15 million to seal Litchfield Loop RoadMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20020530_yoto.pdf.jpg2002-05-30$150,000 in grants for year of the outbackMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20041217_cm_RecreationCentre.pdf.jpg2004-12-17$16 million recreation centre/library keeps the Territory moving aheadMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
Martin.1407._DrakeJobs.pdf.jpg2005-07-141600 more jobs forecast for TerritoryMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20030606_alcan.pdf.jpg2003-06-061700 Territory jobs with new Alcan Timor Sea gas dealMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
martin.30.05.06.retirement_home_expansion.pdf.jpg2006-05-30$18 million expansion of retirement homeMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20040119_apprenticestrainees.pdf.jpg2004-01-19$1m scheme for new apprentices and traineesMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20040910_$2billion_alcan_decision.pdf.jpg2004-09-10$2 billion investment in the Territory's futureMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20030501_construction.pdf.jpg2003-05-01$2.2m construction commitment to Central AustraliaMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
20040305_goveexpansion.pdf.jpg2004-03-05$2.5 billion worth of projects move forwardMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)