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1410_tm_O3_CLP.pdf.jpg14-Oct-200403 with the CLP-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-030812-120_extra_police_to_beat_crime.pdf.jpg2012120 extra police to beat crime-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
1908_tm_150_000_anderson.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2004$150,000 wasted pursuing Warren Anderson while support group for intellectually and physically disabled Territorians has its funding cut-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-310310-17_assaults_in_the_Territory_every_day.pdf.jpg31-Mar-201017 assaults in the Territory every day-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
1805_tm_zero_growth.pdf.jpg18-May-20042 years zero growth demanded bigger Budget tax breaks for business - deficit reduction strategy delayed 5 years-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-231110-$2.25million_is_all_it_takes.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2010$2.25 million is all it takes-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-070812-2000_new_industry_and_affordable_homes.pdf.jpg7-Aug-20122000 new industry and affordable homes-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
2112_tm_salvos.pdf.jpg21-Dec-200440 families a day calling on Salvos - Mills urges Territorians to lend a hand of kindness-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
1202_tm_5million.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2004$5 million attempt to buy back votes a recipe for chaos-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills.300806.Welcomes_the_5_grand_from_the_Feds.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2006$5000 move to Work Bonus is welcome-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
2911_tm_oppose_mindil.pdf.jpg29-Nov-20045000 oppose Govt's plans for Little Mindil-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
0812_tm_55m.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2003$55 million bonus for Territory-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
1711_tm_66m_sunrilse.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2004$6.6m Sunrise project "likely to stall"-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills.020407.Fishing_permits.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2007The $64 question is - why are permits needed now?-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
290906_Mills_-_NT_Economy_Pedestrian.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2006ABS figures reveal the turbo is being switched off-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
040406_Mills_NT_Curriculum_Will_Fail_Students.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2006Academic standards will not improve under Labor's plan-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-210408-Accessing_the_real_story.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2008Accessing the real story-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-270910-Acting_in_the_interests_of_Alice_Springs.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2010Acting in the interests of Alice Springs-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-040408-The_actual_CLP_position_on_LNG_in_Darwin.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2008The actual CLP position on LNG in Darwin-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-
Mills-101007-Job_figures_and_unemployment.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2007Advertising failure on unemployment-Mills, Terrance Kennedy, 1957-