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Alice Springs Roe Creek Borefield – Hydrological Impact of Production Pumping From the Pacoota Aquifer.pdf.jpg2007Alice Springs Roe Creek borefield : hydrological impact of production pumping from the Pacoota aquifer-Read, R. E.
WRA05042.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2005Alice Springs town basin monitoring review, 2005-Read, R. E.
WRA03042.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2003Alice Springs town basin, review 2003-Read, R. E.
WRA03040.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2003Avon Downs and Ranken Sheets Groundwater Occurrence-Read, R. E.
WRA77005.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1977Ayers rock: water availability & demand 1976-Lally, B. P.; Read, R. E.
WRA06005.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2006Bonya (orrtipa thurra) monitoring review 2006-Read, R. E.
Cainozoic_Basins_in_the_Haast_Bluff_Region.pdf.jpg1-May-2007Cainozoic basins in the Haast Bluff regionR.E. Read.Read, R. E.
WRA78002.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1978The Geology and Hydrogeology of the Ayers Rock Area.-Read, R. E.
WRA05001.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2005Groundwater drilling on orange creek station-Read, R. E.
WRA07032.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2007Groundwater Potential of Amadeus Basin Aquifiers South of Haast Bluff-Read, R. E.
WRA07033.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2007Groundwater Potential of Arruwurru, Wakaya & Warramunga ALT's-Read, R. E.
WRA07031.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2007Groundwater Potential of Mungkarta (mclaren Creek)-Read, R. E.
Groundwater_potential_of_the_Waite_and_Bundey_Basins.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2007Groundwater potential of the Waite and Bundey basinsR.E. ReadRead, R. E.; Northern Territory. Dept. Of Natural Resources, Environment And The Arts. Land And Water Division
WRA06001.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2006Harts range (atitjere) monitoring review 2006-Read, R. E.
WRA04022.pdf.jpg1-May-2004Highland Rocks, Mount theo and Solitaire Sheets Groundwater Occurrence-Read, R. E.
WRA98001.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1999Horticultural water supply prospects, stuart highway corridor.-Read, R. E.
WRA01046.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2002Investigation for Proposed Horticulture - Orange Creek-Read, R. E.
WRA01041.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2001Investigation for proposed horticulture : WoodgreenR. E. Read.Read, R. E.
WRA01042.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2002Investigation for Proposed Horticulture: Ahakeye ALT-Read, R. E.; Tucker, R.; Whitehouse, D.
Investigation_of_Groundwater_Resources_at_Oak_Valley_(Mpwelarre_Aboriginal_Land_Trust).pdf.jpg1-Oct-2004Investigation of groundwater resources at Oak Valley (Mpwelarre Aboriginal Land Trust)R.E. ReadRead, R. E.; Northern Territory. Dept. Of Natural Resources, Environment And The Arts. Land And Water Division