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day: 13; year: 2001; month: Dec$1.25m blown on long CLP lunches%Labor vows to cut spendingSmith, Camden
day: 13; year: 2001; month: Jan$1.4m Chan waste: MartinSmith, Camden
day: 13; year: 1999; month: Aug$1.5b economic boost for NTSmith, Camden
day: 12; year: 2000; month: May$1.5m boost for NT's heart careSmith, Camden
day: 28; year: 2002; month: Sep1000 attend police serviceSmith, Camden
day: 19; year: 1999; month: Aug1000 jobs spin-off in fertiliser plant planSmith, Camden
day: 18; year: 2001; month: Jul1000 watch as PM turns first rail sodSmith, Camden
day: 16; year: 2000; month: Oct$10000 salary rise for judgesSmith, Camden
day: 07; year: 2000; month: Dec$100m plan: offices, units, resortSmith, Camden
day: 02; year: 2001; month: Oct$100m project hit by 'poor economy'Smith, Camden
day: 15; year: 2001; month: May$100mil hotel, office plan for citySmith, Camden
day: 20; year: 2001; month: Oct13 contest poll for two NT seatsSmith, Camden
day: 06; year: 2000; month: Jun$13m rural health centre a goer: CMSmith, Camden
day: 22; year: 2002; month: Mar14-match ban for Bonson teammate: Co-accused misses tribunal hearingSmith, Camden
day: 15; year: 2002; month: Aug$150,000 payouts spark inquirySmith, Camden
day: 04; year: 2001; month: Aug$15M plan for a no-nasties beachSmith, Camden
2001-08-08$15M plan for a no-nasties beachSmith, Camden
day: 13; year: 1999; month: Oct1600 UN police set to train in NTSmith, Camden
day: 31; year: 2001; month: Oct$16m boost for NT capital worksSmith, Camden
day: 21; year: 1999; month: Oct$18m Myilly Point flats before 2001Smith, Camden