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19-Jul-2018Aboriginal Clients with Type II Diabetes and whose HbA1c measurements are within levelsClients with type II diabetes and whose HbA1c measurements are within certain levelsSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Aboriginal Health Practitioner workforcedefinitional attributesSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Aboriginal health workforce as a proportion of overall FTEHealth workforce as a proportion of overall FTESystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Adult health checks – proportion of resident remote aboriginal populationAdult health check coverageSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Aged care assessment program clients receiving timely interventionACAP clients receiving timely interventionSystem Performance and Grants
8-Aug-2018Deed to amend the Service Delivery Agreement (Central Australia Health Service) 2017-18Deed to Amend CAHS SDA 2017-18System Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Discharge/leave against medical advice within 48 hoursDAMA/LAMASystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Early intervention for conductive hearing loss (CHL) in children from remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern TerritoryEarly Intervention for Conductive Hearing Loss in remote Aboriginal childrenSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018ED presentations departing within 4 hoursED – 4 Hour DeparturesSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Elective surgery waiting list – long waitsESWL - Long WaitsSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Full time equivalents (FTE)FTESystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Full year forecasted surplus / deficit against operating targetFull Year Forecasted Surplus / Deficit aganist Operating TargetSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Hand hygiene compliance rateHand hygieneSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Mental health 28 day readmission rateMental Health 28 day ReadmissionsSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Mental health community follow up (within first 7 days of mental health inpatient dischargeCommunity follow‐up within first 7 days of mental health inpatient dischargeSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Mental Health Seclusion RateMental Health SeclusionSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Percentage of measured children under 5 who are anaemic-System Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Potentially preventable hospitalisations (B) NT excluding dialysis-System Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Proportion of clients with Type II Diabetes and/or coronary heart disease with a chronic disease management planChronic Disease Management PlanSystem Performance and Grants
19-Jul-2018Proportion of resident clients aged 15 years and over with Type II Diabetes who have had an Hba1c test-System Performance and Grants