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WRD94037.pdf.jpg1994Assessment of Water sources : Alharrgan OutstationAssessment of water sources Alharrgan outstation DLH-Tyson, P.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Division
WRD94039.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Assessment of water sources Bukudal outstation DLH--Tyson, P.
WRD94046.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1994Assessment of Water sources Bulagardaru DLH- outstation.-Tyson, P.
WRD94038.pdf.jpg1-Apr-1994Assessment of Water sources Doinji outstation DLH--Tyson, P.
WRD94040.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Assessment of water sources Galerri outstation DLH--Tyson, P.
WRD94045.pdf.jpg1-Apr-1994Assessment of water sources Garmaklajirrina DLH- outstation.-Tyson, P.
WRD94043.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Assessment of water sources Mammadawerre DLH- outstation.-Tyson, P.
WRD94044.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Assessment of water sources Manmoyi outstation DLH--Tyson, P.
WRD94041.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Assessment of water sources Mirrinatja DLH outstation.-Tyson, P.
WRD94042.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Assessment of water sources Rurrangala DLH- outstation.-Tyson, P.
WRD92040.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1992Barunga (bamyili) water resource evaluation. Dlh-580-Tyson, P.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD92042.pdf.jpg1-Dec-1992Belyuen groundwater resource evaluation dlh-294-Tyson, P.; Moretti, A.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD93036.pdf.jpg1993Bore completion report, bore 471, Elliot CommunityP. Tyson.; Bore completion report, rn 471, Elliot community dlh-225.Tyson, P.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority
WRD91039.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1992Maningrida groundwater resource evaluation dlh-362-Tyson, P.; Moretti, A.; Jolly, P.; Yin Foo, D.
WRD91038.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1991Numbulwar Groundwater Resource Evaluation DLH-549 1983/1984 and 1986.-Tyson, P.; Prowse, G.; Britten, R.; Jolly, P.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD92035.pdf.jpg1-Oct-1991Oenpelli Groundwater Resource Evaluation DLH-329 1984 and 1991-Tyson, P.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD94051.pdf.jpg1994Palumpa water resource evaluation-Tyson, P.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority
WRD94052.pdf.jpg1-Mar-1994Pularumpi water resource evaluation-Tyson, P.
WRD91031.pdf.jpg1-May-1991Ramingining groundwater resource assessment dlh-550 1988.-Jolly, P.; Gaal, A.; Tyson, P.; Moretti, A.
WRD91032.pdf.jpg1-May-1991Umbakumba groundwater resource assessment 1991. Dlh-555-Tyson, P.; Yin Foo, Desmond