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WRD91030.pdf.jpg1991-10-01Adelaide river township groundwater supply augmentation investigationsVerma, M. N.; Martin, K.; Pidsley, D.
WRD88055.pdf.jpg1988-02-26Binjaree bore completion report, rn 25126. Dlh-582Verma, M. N.
WRD92020.pdf.jpg1992-02-26Bore completion report Bulagardaru outstation DLH-302 RN's 28275, 28281.Verma, M. N.
WRD88048.pdf.jpg1988-02-26Bore completion report, rn 25315, murul murula dlh-689 outstation.Verma, M. N.
WRD88049.pdf.jpg1988-02-26Bore completion report, rn 25318, wada wadalla dlh-256 outstation.Verma, M. N.
WRD88047.pdf.jpg1988-02-26Bore completion report, rn 25383, hodgson downs dlh-624 outstation.Verma, M. N.
WRD88046.pdf.jpg1988-00-00Bore completion report, rn 25384, hodgson river dlh-600 outstation.Verma, M. N.
WRD87035.pdf.jpg1987-02-26Bore Completion Report, rns 24912,24913 & 24914, DLH-532 Bickerton Island Community.Verma, M. N.
WRD88040.pdf.jpg1988-02-26Bore Completion Report, rns 25289,25386 & 25777 RAAF. Delamere Weapons Range.Verma, M. N.
WRD88042.pdf.jpg1988-02-26Bore Completion Report, rns 25780 & 25781, Wangi Falls and Florence Falls, Litchfield ParkVerma, M. N.
WRD89042.pdf.jpg1989-00-00Bulman community - groundwater resources dlh-587 evaluation.Verma, M. N.
WRD91057.pdf.jpg1992-02-01Bulman groundwater resource evaluation dlh-587Verma, M. N.; Rowston, P.
WRD92050.pdf.jpg1992-07-01Explanatory Notes of Helen Springs Hydrological Map 1:250,000.Verma, M. N.; Jolly, P.
WRD89009.pdf.jpg1989-09-01Groundwater Assessment of the mcarthur River Mine Area.Verma, M. N.
WRD79041.pdf.jpg1982-02-26Groundwater Occurrence in Fractured Rocks in Darwin Rural Area, NT - AWRC Conference in Fractured Rocks Canberra.Verma, M. N.; Qureshi, H.
WRD94030.pdf.jpg2001-01-01Groundwater Resources of the Berry Springs - Noonamah Area.Verma, M. N.
WRD96031.pdf.jpg1996-02-01Groundwater Resources of the Lambells Lagoon South 1996Verma, M. N.
WRD90075.pdf.jpg1990-07-01Hodgsen downs (miniyeri community) water dlh-642 supply investigation.Verma, M. N.
WRD89007.pdf.jpg1989-07-01Investigation of the South Alligator Group - Cosmo Howley AreaVerma, M. N.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Division
WRD85008.pdf.jpg1985-02-26Nabarlek deep aquifer modelsSalama, R. B.; Verma, M. N.