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WRD85007.pdf.jpg1985-04-01Angurugu groundwater investigation 1983. Dlh-451Yin Foo, Des
WRD95101.pdf.jpg1995-02-26Aquifer Tests by PumpingYin Foo, Des
WRD92040.pdf.jpg1992-08-01Barunga (bamyili) water resource evaluation. Dlh-580Tyson, P.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD96053.pdf.jpg1996-06-01Batchelor farm water use impact assessment 1996.Yin Foo, Des
WRD04018.pdf.jpg2004-06-01Belyuen borefield reappraisal 2003Yin Foo, Des
WRD92042.pdf.jpg1992-12-01Belyuen groundwater resource evaluation dlh-294Tyson, P.; Moretti, A.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD83008.pdf.jpg1983-04-01Beswick Water Supply - Investigation of Ground- DLH-581 water Resources, 1982.Yin Foo, Des
WRD91037.pdf.jpg1991-06-01Beswick Water Supply: An Assessment of Available DLH-581 Data 1991.Yin Foo, Des
WRD95059.pdf.jpg1995-12-01Borroloola groundwater investigations 1995Woodford, J. C.; Yin Foo, Des
Cox Peninsula Water Supply Investigation technical data report.pdf.jpg2004-06Cox Peninsula water supply investigations. Technical Data Report Stage 2 2003/04Humphreys, G.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD92039.pdf.jpg1992-08-01Electronic Data Collection and Analysis SystemYin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret
WRD84006.pdf.jpg1984-03-01Galiwinku Groundwater Resource and Evaluation DLH-492Yin Foo, Des
WRD04027.pdf.jpg2004-07-01Hydrogeological assessment, nt portion 5995, marrakai road.Yin Foo, Des
WRD00019.pdf.jpg2001-03-01Hydrogeology of the Sturt plateau 1:250 000 scale map explanatory notes.Yin Foo, Des; Matthews, Ian
WRD85003.pdf.jpg1985-03-01Katherine Groundwater Investigations, Cretaceous Sediments near the King River,1985.Yin Foo, Des
WRD88005.pdf.jpg1988-06-01Lambells lagoon groundwater resource investigation.Jolly, P.; Yin Foo, Des
WRD83007.pdf.jpg1982-11-01Milingimbi Water Supply Investigations of Ground DLH-531 Water Resources 1982.Yin Foo, Des
WRD87057.pdf.jpg1980-10-01Milingimbi Water Supply. Investigation of the Island Aquifer SystemYin Foo, Des
WRD04026.pdf.jpg2004-12-01Modelling of the mcminns/Howard East Groundwater System.Yin Foo, Des
WRD92043.pdf.jpg1992-09-01Nguiu groundwater resource evaluation dlh-400Moretti, A.; Yin Foo, Des