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PH1077-0001.jpg.jpg1842New-Victoria, Port Essington-Le Breton, Louis (1818-1866); Sabatier, Léon Jean-Baptiste (d.1887)
PH1077-0002.jpg.jpg1842Pêcheurs de Tripang à la Baie Raffles-Le Breton, Louis (1818-1866); Lasalle, Emile (1813-1871)
PH1077-0004.jpg.jpg1842Port Essington-Le Breton, Louis (1818-1866); Lasalle, Emile (1813-1871)
1845The Victoria River : 1839 [Cartographic material]-Stokes, J Lort; Great Britain. Hydrographic Office
Leichhardt_Map_2.pdf.jpg25-Aug-1847Detailed map of Dr. Ludwig Leichhardts route in Australia, from Moreton Bay to Port Essington (upwards of 3000 miles performed in the years 1844 &​ 1845) : Laid down from his original map, adjusted &​ drawn to the maritime surveys of Captns. Flinders, King, Wickham, Stokes, Blackwood, &​c [Cartographic material]Map of Dr. Ludwig Leichhardts route in AustraliaArrowsmith, John, 1790-1873
PH0754-0040.tif.jpg1849Essington tomb-Foelsche, P. (Paul), 1831-1914
1-Jan-1849Amelia Kilian-Kilian, Amelia Albertina; Gunther, Amelia Albertina; Gunther, Amilie Albertine
5-Apr-1850Mary Giles-Giles, Mary Augusta; Sprigg, Mary Augusta
1-Jan-1851Mary Agnes Elliot-Elliot, Mary Agnes; Allwright, Mary Agnes; Durrant, Mary Agnes
1-Apr-1852Isabella Jane Kell-Kell, Isabella Jane; Birkett, Isabella Jane; Rattray, Isabella Jane
27-Jul-1852Anne Maria Waters-Waters, Anna Maria Woide; Goodhart, Anna Maria Woide
30-May-1853Frances Kelsey-Kelsey, Frances Madeline Jane; Crawford, Frances Madeline Jane; Kelsey, Madeline
1-Jan-1854Harriet Daly-Daly, Harriet; Douglas, Harriet
9-May-1854Marion Pinder-Pinder, Marion; Jones, Marion
11-Nov-1854Rebecca Schunke-Schunke, Rebecca Annie; Thomas, Rebecca Annie
15-Oct-1855Elizabeth Byrne-Byrne, Elizabeth Ann; Spry, Elizabeth Ann
1-Jan-1856Harriett Norcock-Norcock, Harriett; Bridgeman, Harriett
1-Jan-1856Christiana Lynes-Lynes, Christiana; Ashman, Christiana Martha Emery
Exploring_the_Northern_Portion_of_Australia.pdf.jpg1857Papers relating to an expedition recently undertaken for the purpose of exploring the Northern portion of Australia--
1-Jan-1857Hannah Doyle-Doyle, Hannah Maria; McKenna, Hannah Maria