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PH0226-0017.tif.jpg1942-00-00B 26 taxiing-
10 Oct 1988; 4B and S bash-
1209.jpg.jpg1990-01-01B GillGill, B.
38(152): 3 Aug 1989; 31B grade shines-
day: 02; year: 2002; month: FebB plus C equals D-
32(151): 27 Jun 1983; 25B's were big at Adealide River-
PH1024-0001.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-24 Liberator-
PH0506-0014.tif.jpg1944-01-01B-24 Liberator-
PH1024-0002.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-24 Liberator A72-316-
PH1024-0008.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-24 Liberator A72-316-
PH1024-0003.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-24 Liberator A72-84-
39175.JPG.jpg0000-00-00B-25 Mitchell bomber-
PH0507-0030.tif.jpg1940-01-01B-25 Mitchell bomber-
PH1024-0005.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-29 Superfortress E-15-
PH1024-0004.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-29 Superfortress E-15-
PH1024-0006.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-29 Superfortress T-44-
PH1024-0007.tif.jpg0000-00-00B-29 Superfortress T-44-
31(182): 7 Sep 1982; 3B-52 flies Bernie in from Guam-
38(17): 27 Feb 1989; 9B-52 flights 'not welcome'-
39(35): 20 Mar 1990; 9B-52 grim reminder-