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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
-A mosquito survey of Dili, East Timor, and implications for disease control-Whelan, Peter I; Hapgood, George
Exotic Aedes Surveillance - Ovitrap Servicing Procedures - 1997.pdf.jpg1998Exotic Aedes surveillance ovitrap servicing procedures-Whelan, Peter I; Hayes, Gwenda; Carter, Jane M
East Timor AusAID Mosquito Project CDC bulletin september 06.pdf.jpg2006East Timor AusAID mosquito project-Pettit, William J; Whelan, Peter I
Western Gulf of Carpentaria exotic vector surv.pdf.jpg2009Western Gulf of Carpentaria - exotic vector surveillance April - May 2006-Nguyen, Huy T; Shortus, Matthew; Whelan, Peter I
2008Importance of endogenous feedback controlling the long-term abundance of tropical mosquito species-Yang, Guo-Jing; Bradshaw, Corey J; Brook, Barry W; Whelan, Peter I
A curious coincidence-mosquito biodiversity and the limits of the JE virus in Australia, Hemmerter etal 2007 BMC.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2007A curious coincidence: mosquito biodiversity and the limits of the Japanese encephalitis virus in Australasia-Hemmerter, Stephane; Slapeta, Jan; Van Den Hurk, Andrew; Cooper, Robert D; Whelan, Peter I; Russell, Richard C; Johansen, Cheryl A; Beebe, Nigel W
-Rectification and control practices in a major salt marsh mosquito breeding site, Darwin, NT-Brogan, Brett; Whelan, Peter I; Carter, Jane M; Lamche, Gisela
Murrumujuk Gunn Point Peninsula area - Biting Insect Investigation (Extracts) 1992.pdf.jpg1992Murrumujuk Gunn Point area - biting insect investigation-Whelan, Peter I
Report of detection of exotic mosquito importation into Darwin NT Australia 2000.pdf.jpg2000Report of detection of exotic mosquito importation Darwin, NT, Australia, 2 March 2000: importation, inspection and action details-Whelan, Peter I
-Case report: West Nile virus (Kunjin subtype) disease in the Northern Territory of Australia - a case of encephalitis and review of all reported cases-Gray, Timothy J; Burrow, Jim; Markey, Peter; Whelan, Peter I; Jackson, Justin; Smith, David W; Currie, Bart