Remembering Territory Families

Alice Springs and Central Australia
Tennant Creek
The Katherine

Welcome to the Territory

The Territory is a place of many different peoples. The cultural and trade routes of Aboriginal families crisscross the country. The stories have been sung for millennia and are a vital part of Aboriginal culture today. Others have come to the Territory in more recent years. Their stories too, are a part of the cultural landscape of the region.

When Europeans first entered the land we now know as the Northern Territory , they were shown the way by Aboriginal people. The route taken by John McDouall Stuart north from the Centre to the Arafura Sea became the path of the Overland Telegraph Line.

This exhibition follows the path of the 1872 Overland Telegraph Line. The Line passed through the Repeater Stations at Alice Springs , Tennant Creek, Katherine and finally Port Darwin. This online exhibition is not intended to present a political or economic history of the Territory. It does not aim to comprehensively cover the vast sweep of events in the Territory's past as explored by writers such as Ernestine Hill, Douglas Lockwood, or more recently Alan Powell. Remembering Territory families provides an opportunity to hear the stories of everyday life in the Territory from some of the people who call this place home.

This exhibition gives voice to the people not usually heard in the conventional narratives of Territory history.

Using elements of the cultural collections of the Northern Territory Library and the Northern Territory Archives Service, together with other research collected during the research towards this project, viewers of this exhibition can see the snapshots and hear the voices of the Territory's past. These are the stories from some of the families who have lived and worked in the Territory for generations. This exhibition represents a small part of the unique and wonderful histories from the people of our region.

The Territory's history is still being written.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
cafe_society_O'Brien.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2009Cafe society… 1930's-O'Brien, Jacqueline, 1929-
cafe_society_Entner.pdf.jpg2009Cafe society… 1950's-Entner, Steve; Entner, Lucy
cafe_society_Stewart.pdf.jpg2009Cafe society… after the war-Stewart, Lou
PH0224-0004.tif.jpg1930Car outside George Lim's store in Katherine--
PH0386-0049.tif.jpg-Car stopped between the two oaks near Deep Well--
16957.JPG.jpg-Cavenagh Street in the 1930'sV. FletcherFletcher, V.
2_9image2_Hayesmap.jpg.jpg1-Jan-2009Central Australian pastoral lease owned by Hayes family in 1922--
PH0238-2149.tif.jpg1921Children Kahlin Compound--
22602.JPG.jpg1940China town--
feeding_darwin_O'Brien.pdf.jpg2009Chinese cafes-O'Brien, Jacqueline, 1929-
2_8image1newspaper.tiff.jpg1-Jan-2009'Color, excitement at premiere : hundred flock to see Jedda'--
PH0821-0014.tif.jpg1975Cyclone Tracy damaged housesKenneth DoustDoust, Kenneth
darwin_aristocracy.pdf.jpg2009Darwin aristocracy…-Watts, James Barclay
PH0094-0189.tif.jpg1943Darwin public school--
emungalan_chong-fong.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2009Emungalan, north of the Katherine River-Chong-Fong, Allan
feeding_darwin_Foskey.pdf.jpg2009Feeding Darwin…-Foskey, Ray
PH0238-0029.tif.jpg1870Fort Point--
frontier_town.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2009Frontier town-Kittle, Len
getting_there.pdf.jpg2009Getting there-Mannion, Nancy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 105