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PH0764-0006.tif.jpg1-Jan-1894Telegraph station--
PH0141-0167.tif.jpg1-Jan-1955Bob TudawaliSteve LormanLorman, Steve
PH0764-0051.tif.jpg-Wallis' store--
PH0254-0063.tif.jpg1937Aboriginal children at the Bungalow--
PH0430-0048.tif.jpg-Ayers Rock--
770-0038.JPG.jpg-Tuits Tours--
PH0723-0011.tif.jpg-Alice Afghans--
PH0180-0026.tif.jpg1-Aug-1927The Bungalow--
PH0386-0049.tif.jpg-Car stopped between the two oaks near Deep Well--