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Centralian Advocate is published twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. If Friday is a public holiday it will be published on Thursday. It is the leading paper for Central Australian residents.

Started from 3rd March 2006 onwards

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1267
PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
Centralian Advocate_20180629_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg29-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 29 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180622_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg22-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 22 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180615_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg15-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 15 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180612_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg12-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 12 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180605_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg5-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 5 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180529_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg29-May-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 29 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180525_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg25-May-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 25 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180608_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg8-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 8 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180522_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg22-May-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 22 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180601_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg1-Jun-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 1 Jun 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180515_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg15-May-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 15 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180508.PDF.jpg8-May-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 8 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180518_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg18-May-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 18 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180511_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg11-May-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 11 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180504_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg4-May-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 4 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180501.PDF.jpg1-May-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 1 May 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180427.PDF.jpg27-Apr-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 27 Apr 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180424_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg24-Apr-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 24 Apr 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180417_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg17-Apr-2018The Centralian advocate Tue 17 Apr 2018--
Centralian Advocate_20180420_page01_Centralian_News_1.PDF.jpg20-Apr-2018The Centralian advocate Fri 20 Apr 2018--
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1267