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Sun Newspapers are free weekly publications for Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield regions. The front page is different for each title with the remainder of the papers having the same information. The merged .pdf has each front page but only one copy of the remainder. From the 23rd February 2016 there is only 1 front page for all the different regions.

Started from 17th December 2008 onwards.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 447
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2018Sun newspapers Tue 23 Jan 2018-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20180116_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg16-Jan-2018Sun newspapers Tue 16 Jan 2018-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171219_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg19-Dec-2017Sun newspapers Tue 19 Dec 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171212_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg12-Dec-2017Sun newspapers Tue 12 Dec 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171205_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg5-Dec-2017Sun newspapers Tue 5 Dec 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171128_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg28-Nov-2017Sun newspapers Tue 28 Nov 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171121_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg21-Nov-2017Sun newspapers Tue 21 Nov 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171114_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg14-Nov-2017Sun newspapers Tue 14 Nov 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171107_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg7-Nov-2017Sun newspapers Tue 7 Nov 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171031_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg31-Oct-2017Sun newspapers Tue 31 Oct 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171024_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg24-Oct-2017Sun newspapers Tue 24 Oct 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171017_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg17-Oct-2017Sun newspapers Tue 17 Oct 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171010_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg10-Oct-2017Sun newspapers Tue 10 Oct 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20171003_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg3-Oct-2017Sun newspapers Tue 3 Oct 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20170926_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg26-Sep-2017Sun newspapers Tue 26 Sep 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20170919_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg19-Sep-2017Sun newspapers Tue 19 Sep 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20170912_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg12-Sep-2017Sun newspapers Tue 12 Sep 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20170905_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg5-Sep-2017Sun newspapers Tue 5 Sep 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20170829_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg29-Aug-2017Sun newspapers Tue 29 Aug 2017-
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20170822_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg22-Aug-2017Sun newspapers Tue 22 Aug 2017-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 447