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1827Chart of the intertropical & west coasts of Australia as surveyed in the years 1818 to 1822 [Cartographic material]-King, Phillip Parker; Walker, J
1887Township of Palmerston, on east side of Port Darwin, Hundred of Bagot [cartographic material]-Northern Territory times and gazette
1873Map of route travelled and discoveries made by the South Australian Government central and western exploring expedition under command of William Christie Gosse : showing natural features and description of country [Cartographic material]-South Australia. Surveyor-General's Office; Gosse, W. C.; Berry, Edwin S; Vaughan, Alfred
1863Coburg Peninsula or Port Essington : the country [Cartographic material]-Confalonieri, Angelus
Rare_Map_293.pdf.jpg1825Plan of Port Cockburn, between Bathurst and Melville Islands : with view of Fort Dundas, taken from Garden Point [Cartographic material]-Roe, John Septimus; King, Phillip Parker; Walker, J. & C.
Rare_Map_83.pdf.jpg1868Map of the Northern Territory shewing recent surveys [Cartographic material]-South Australia. Surveyor-General's Office; Finnis, Boyle Travers; Hutchison, J; Crawford, F. S.; Cadell, Francis
1874Map of the country west of the telegraph line in the interior of Australia explored by Mr E. Giles [Cartographic material]-South Australia. Surveyor-General's Office; Crawford, Frazer S; Goyder, G. W.
1886Geological map & sketch sections to accompany the Revd. J.E. Tenison-Woods' report on the geology of the Northern Territory [Cartographic material]-South Australia. Surveyor-General's Office; Crawford, Frazer S
Leichhardt_Map_1.jpg.jpg25-Aug-1847Detailed map of Dr. Ludwig Leichhardts route in Australia, from Moreton Bay to Port Essington (upwards of 3000 miles performed in the years 1844 &​ 1845) : Laid down from his original map, adjusted &​ drawn to the maritime surveys of Captns. Flinders, King, Wickham, Stokes, Blackwood, &​c [Cartographic material]Map of Dr. Ludwig Leichhardts route in AustraliaArrowsmith, John, 1790-1873
Rare_map_27.pdf.jpg1873Plan shewing the Adelaide and Port Darwin telegraph line [Cartographic material]-Giles, Ernest; Crawford, Frazer S; South Australia. Surveyor General's Office