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Medical Entomology Annual Report 2012-2013_final.pdf.jpg2014Medical Entomology annual report 2012-2013--
Australian encephalitis in the NT 1994.pdf.jpg1994Australian encephalitis in the NT-Whelan, Peter I; Burrow, Jim
pol_ATSIStrategicWorkforcePlan.pdf.jpg2008Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strategic workforce plan: actions and initiatives 2008-2011-Northern Territory. Department of Health and Families
4-Mar-2010Julia Christensen, ABC Radio, interviews Chief Minister Paul Henderson about the federal government taking over most of the funding for public hospitals, general practice and primary care-Christensen, Julia; Henderson, Paul
2008Rapid identification of Aedes albopictus, Aedes scutellaris and Aedes aegypti life stages using real-time polymerase chain reaction assays-Hill, Lydia A; Davis, Joseph B; Hapgood, George; Whelan, Peter I; Smith, Greg A; Ritchie, Scott A; Cooper, Robert D; Van Den Hurk, Andrew
Women's Cancer  Screening_20121105_updated.pdf.jpg2012Women's cancers and cancer screening in the Northern TerritoryNT women's cancer and cancer screening (running title)Zhang, Xiaohua; Condon, John; Douglas, Fiona; Bates, Di; Guthridge, Steve; Garling, Lindy; Enciso, Guillermo; Chondur, Ramakrishna
NT MBS report 2010_final.pdf.jpg2010Northern Territory market basket survey 2010-Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
intro-Aboriginal health and families.pdf.jpg2005Aboriginal health and families: a five year framework for action-Dept. of Health and Community Services
Biting midge surveillance in Darwin harbour, Culicoides ornatus abundance and dispersal 1997.pdf.jpg1997Biting midge surveillance in Darwin Harbour, Culicoides ornatus (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) abundance and dispersal-Whelan, Peter I; Hayes, Gwenda; Montgomery, Brian L
Guidance on use of rainwater tanks in NT.pdf.jpg2012Guidance on use of rainwater tanks in the Northern Territory-Whelan, Peter I; Rogers, Peter; Beirne, Karen