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Title: My memories of Cyclone Tracy as a 10 year old boy
Name: Graham, Brian (Hoff)
My Story: Our family had travelled to Darwin from New Zealand to visit my Step Father's family in Darwin for Christmas and we had travelled by car from Alice Springs and arrived in Darwin a few days before Christmas we were staying at our Step father's Sister's home in Coronation Drive Stuart Park. We heard the radio reports that Cyclone Tracy was off the coast of Darwin and was heading towards Darwin I remember relatives saying it will pass us by!. I remember on Christmas Eve going to a cousins home @ Moil as it was her Birthday and I remember coming back in the car to Stuart Park and the rain and the wind was really strong I remember my Mother getting us ready for bed and our Nana & Pop were in their caravan in the back yard behind the garage and my Uncle & Aunt were in their caravan between the house and the garage. I remember sitting in water under the bed with my brothers and Mum and Dad as their bedroom had disappeared I remember looking up and seeing the metal ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling and the rain and the noise of the wind something I will never forget. the next morning I remember going outside and seeing roofs ripped off homes and we went by car to a relative home in a nearby suburb and the whole top floor was gone and I remember my uncle bashing thru a wall to retrieve Christmas presents from under a Christmas tree. we were sitting down in a room under the house in shock and were not allowed to go outside. we were in a emergency shelter at a hotel next to the Darwin General Cemetery for a few days and I remember they erected a para swimming pool and filled it with water for drinking. we were finally taken to the airport and Mum myself and my 2 brothers with other relatives were airlifted to Brisbane where we stayed overnight and then we returned to New Zealand our Step father remained in Darwin with his family to help clean up the city. The New Zealand Police came to our home to inform my Mother that her first Husband my Father had been in Darwin at the time and had drowned. His Name is on the Plaque at the Darwin City Council Building Mr Donald Hoff He is buried in the Darwin General Cemetery in the Lutheran section every time I return to Darwin to visit family the 1st thing I do is visit Father's grave and the last thing I do before I leave to return to Sydney I go to his grave and say goodbye to father!. To this day I still remember the sound of the wind something I will never forget. Mum and my Step father returned to Darwin in 1984 till 2000 and lived in Woodleigh Gardens Leanyer till they retired to Queensland. I'm returning to Darwin December 20th 2014 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Cyclone Tracy and to remember that night. I'm now 50 and that night 40 years ago this Christmas day is still fresh in my mind and to lose our father to drowning of a prawning trawler I can't imagine what he must have gone thru!. Rest in Peace Father Your Son Brian Graham (formally Brian Hoff)   
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Subject: Cyclone Tracy, 1974
Place: Darwin
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Cyclone Tracy

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