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Debates Day 5 - Wednesday 3 March 1993.pdf.jpg3-Mar-1993Debates Day 5 - Wednesday 3 March 1993Parliamentary Record 15Northern Territory. Department of the Legislative Assembly
Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 25 May 1993.pdf.jpg25-May-1993Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 25 May 1993Parliamentary Record 16Northern Territory. Department of the Legislative Assembly
Northern_Territory_Youth_Policy_Review_-_Issues_Discussion_Paper_including_Community_Consultation_-_New_Youth_Policy.PDF.jpg27-May-1993Northern Territory Youth Policy Review Issues/Discussion Paper including Community Consultation New Youth PolicyTabled paper 1478-
Letters_R_Wright_Aboriginal_Land_Branch_to_Mr_R_T_Schmidt_Managing_Director_Australian_Agricultural_Company_Limited_dated_24_November_1987.PDF.jpg27-May-1993Letter R Wright Aboriginal Land Branch to Mr R T Schmidt Managing Director Australian Agricultural Company Limited dated 24 November 1987Tabled paper 1501-
Letters_M_J_Palmer_Commissioner_of_Police_to_Mr_Neil_Bell_MLA_dated_26_October_1993.PDF.jpg1-Dec-1993Letter M J Palmer Commissioner of Police to Mr Neil Bell MLA dated 26 October 1993Tabled paper 1895-
Submissions_SCUAAC_PH11_Darwin_30_06_1992_Top_End_Life_Education_Centre_Community_~_Amity_House_Kalano_Community_Association_Katherine_Alcohol_Drug_Association_Inc_CAAPS_Aboriginal_Islander_Alcohol.PDF.jpg26-Aug-1993Submissions SCUAAC PH11 Darwin 30/06/1992 Top End Life Education Centre Community Drug & Alcohol Services - Amity House Kalano Community Association Katherine Alcohol & Drug Association Inc CAAPS Aboriginal & Islander AlcoholTabled paper 1690-
Agreement AMA Review dated 18 October 1993 between the ~ (Department of Health and Community Services) Dr Philip Nitschke Australian Medical Association.PDF.jpg23-Nov-1993Agreement AMA Review dated 18 October 1993 between the Northern Territory of Australia (Department of Health and Community Services) Dr Philip Nitschke Australian Medical AssociationTabled paper 1834-
Letters_Jilau_Parker_to_Daryl_Williams_AM_QC_MP_dated_12_November_1993.PDF.jpg2-Dec-1993Letter Jilau Parker to Daryl Williams AM QC MP dated 12 November 1993Tabled paper 1944-
Page_27_Source_Budget_Paper_No_4_Figure_2_15_Net_Interest_Payments_to_Net_Revenues_and_Grants_Received.PDF.jpg25-Aug-1993Page 27 Source: Budget Paper No 4 Figure 2 15: Net Interest Payments to Net Revenues and Grants ReceivedTabled paper 1614-
Papers_Annexure_B_-_Facsimile_Norm_Hawthorne_Office_of_the_Minister_for_Transport_and_Works_to_George_Young_dated_9_December_1992.PDF.jpg29-Jun-1993Annexure B Facsimile Norm Hawthorne Office of the Minister for Transport and Works to George Young dated 9 December 1992Tabled paper 1518-