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D_1990_09_27.pdf.jpg27-Sep-1990Parliamentary record : Part I debates (27 September 1990)Northern Territory Legislative Assembly-
Regulations_1990_No_39_-_Amendment_of_Motor_Vehicles_Fees_and_Charges_Regulations.PDF.jpg25-Sep-1990Regulations 1990 No 39 - Amendment of Motor Vehicles (Fees and Charges) RegulationsTabled Paper 1514Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Regulations_1989_No_38_Amendment_of_the_Territory_Parks_and_Wildlife_Conservation_By-laws.PDF.jpg20-Feb-1990Regulations 1989 No 38 Amendment of the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation By-lawsTabled Paper 1226Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
14-Aug-1990Agreements and Determinations Police Administration Act Police Arbitral Tribunal Determination No 1 of 1982 - Determination No 7 of 1990 dated 24 May 1990Tabled Paper 1408Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Letter_to_Hon_S_P_Hatton_MLA_Minister_for_Health_and_Community_Services_from_Toni_Coutts_dated_19_September_1989.PDF.jpg28-Feb-1990Letter to Hon S P Hatton MLA Minister for Health and Community Services from Toni Coutts dated 19 September 1989Tabled Paper 1284Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Chairman_s_Statement_Sessional_Committee_on_the_Use_and_Abuse_of_Alcohol_by_the_Community.PDF.jpg15-Aug-1990Chairman's Statement Sessional Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the CommunityTabled Paper 1440Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Annual_Report_Industry_and_Employment_Training_Advisory_Council_-_1987-1988.PDF.jpg16-Aug-1990Annual Report Industry and Employment Training Advisory Council - 1987-1988Tabled Paper 1449Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Trade_Development_Zone_-_Address_by_Neil_Philip_Solicitor_for_Hengyang.PDF.jpg20-Feb-1990Trade Development Zone - Address by Neil Philip Solicitor for HengyangTabled Paper 1246Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Annual Report 1989-90 - Menzies School of Health Research Darwin.pdf.jpg4-Dec-1990Annual Report 1989-1990, Menzies School of Health ResearchTabled Paper 8-
Q_1990_10_04.pdf.jpg4-Oct-1990Parliamentary record : Part II questions (25 September 1990 - 04 October 1990)Northern Territory Legislative Assembly-