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Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Goyder_Ms_Kezia_~_Conference_in_Hobart_also_travelled_to_Melbourne_and_Sydney_July_2015_pursuant_to_clause_4_12_dated_27_August_2015.PDF.jpg15-Sep-2015Remuneration Tribunal Determination Travel Report Member for Goyder Ms Kezia Purick to attend the Annual Presiding Officers' Conference in Hobart also travelled to Melbourne and Sydney July 2015 pursuant to clause 4.12 dated 27 August 2015Tabled paper 1460Purick, Kezia
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Goyder_Kezia_Purick_travel_to_Perth_to_meet_with_stakeholders_who_could_~_29th_October_2013_pursuant_to_paragraph_4_12_not_dated.PDF.jpg27-Nov-2013Remuneration Tribunal Determination: Travel Report Member for Goyder Kezia Purick travel to Perth to meet with stakeholders who could provide advice relevant to current electorate matters from 23rd – 29th October 2013, pursuant to paragraph 4:12 not datedTabled paper 631Purick, Kezia
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Goyder_Kezia_Purick_~_Hobart_and_Melbourne_Parliaments_from_19th_to_29th_September_2013_pursuant_4_11_dated_5th_November_2013.PDF.jpg27-Nov-2013Remuneration Tribunal Determination: Travel Report Member for Goyder Kezia Purick, travel to Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne Parliaments from 19th to 29th September 2013, pursuant 4:11, dated 5th November 2013Tabled paper 630Purick, Kezia
503 - Revised Media Release, February 2018.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2017Media Release, Revised Meeting Day Schedule for February 2018Tabled paper 503Purick, Kezia
475 - Media Release, Meeting Dates 2018.pdf.jpg19-Oct-2017Media Release, Meeting Day calendar 2018Tabled paper 475Purick, Kezia
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_~_19th_November_2013_to_attend_four_star_event_and_meet_with_key_companies_Speaker_of_the_SA_Parliament_Clerk_and_Tourism_Minister_not_dated.PDF.jpg4-Dec-2013Remuneration Tribunal Determination: Travel Report, Member for Goyder, Kezia Purick travel to Adelaide 14th – 19th November 2013 to attend four star event and meet with key companies, Speaker of the SA Parliament, Clerk and Tourism MinisterTabled paper 655Purick, Kezia
418 - Member Travel Report - Member for Goyder.PDF.jpg10-Oct-2017Travel Report, Member for Goyder, Ms Kezia Purick attended the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course between 4-8 September 2017, dated 19 September 2017Tabled paper 418Purick, Kezia
417 - Member Travel Report - Member for Goyder.PDF.jpg10-Oct-2017Travel Report, Member for Goyder, Ms Kezia Purick travelled to Sydney to meet with Equine Industry 8-10 July 2017, dated 18 September 2017Tabled paper 417Purick, Kezia
23-Nov-2017Petition No.15, Justice for Pearl the PonyTabled paper 564Purick, Kezia
23-Nov-2017Petition No.14, Action when animals deliberately and maliciously harmed, injured or killedTabled paper 563Purick, Kezia