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day: 12; year: 1998; month: DecNT wakes up at lastDavis, Robert
day: 14; year: 1997; month: JanCostly cablesGameson, G.
day: 23; year: 1993; month: JanPraising PalmerMills, Gary
day: 31; year: 1995; month: OCTTerrible traditionsWilliams, Jon
day: 31; year: 1993; month: OCTAsk if Max should goMatarazzo, Lucio
day: 18; year: 1993; month: AUG`Cowboy democracy'Pritchard, Bill
day: 24; year: 1993; month: FEBNo vote for SnowdonFlanagan, R. W.
day: 01; year: 1997; month: MayBlack hopes destroyedDonald, Allan
day: 15; year: 1994; month: OCTRepresent us allWood, Alex
day: 7; year: 1994; month: FEBDrinking legislationStronach, Bill