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A new insect specific flavivirus from northern Austr Feb 2013.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2013A new insect - specific flavivirus from northern Australia suppresses replication of West Nile virus and Murray Valley encephalitis virus in co-infected mosquito cells-Hobson-Peters, Jody; Wei Yee Yam, Alice; Wei Fei Lu, Jennifer; Xiang Setoh, Yin; May, Fiona J; Kurucz, Nina; Walsh, Susan; Prow, Natalie A; Davis, Steven S; Weir, Richard; Melville, Lorna; Hunt, Neville; Webb, Richard I; Blitvich, Bradley J; Whelan, Peter I; Hall, Roy A
Mosquito virus isolation_investigation_BF_ 2013_final.pdf.jpg2014Mosquito virus isolation as part of an investigation into high Barmah Forest case numbers recorded in the NT in 2012/13.-Kurucz, Nina; Melville, Lorna; Weir, Richard
A new species of mesonivirus from the NT.pdf.jpg2014A new species of mesonivirus from the Northern Territory, Australia-Warrilow, David; Watterson, Daniel; Hall, Roy A; Davis, Steven S; Kurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I; Allock, Richard; Hall-Mendelin, Sonja; O'Brien, Caitlin A; Hobson-Peters, Jody
2-Mar-2011Large ceramic pots ex. Indonesia - the source of Aedes aegypti recently intercepted at Darwin port 9 April 2010-Nguyen, Huy T; Finlay-Doney, Mary
Evidenc ein Aust Airport dengue 2012.pdf.jpg2012Evidence in Australia for a case of airport dengue-Whelan, Peter I; Nguyen, Huy T; Hajkowicz, Krispin; Davis, Josh; Smith, David; Pyke, Alyssa; Krause, Vicki; Markey, Peter
Guidance on use of rainwater tanks in NT.pdf.jpg2012Guidance on use of rainwater tanks in the Northern Territory-Whelan, Peter I; Rogers, Peter; Beirne, Karen
Maningrida mosquito survey 2010_11.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2013Maningrida mosquito survey 2010/11-Warchot, Allan; Bethune, Michael; Whelan, Peter I
NT Medical Entomologist Ipswich Flood Relief trip January 2011.pdf.jpg2011NT Medical Entomologist Ipswich flood relief trip 20-26 January 2011-Kurucz, Nina; Warchot, Allan
2014Applications of a sugar based surveillance system to track arboviruses in wild mosquito populations-Van Den Hurk, Andrew; Hall-Mendelin, Sonja; Townsend, Michael; Kurucz, Nina; Edwards, Jim; Ehlers, Gerhard; Rodwell, Chris; Moore, Frederick A; McMahon, Jamie L; Northill, Judith A; Simmons, Russell J; Cortis, Giles; Melville, Lorna; Whelan, Peter I; Ritchie, Scott A
Salt marsh mosquito larval control in Leanyer coastal wetland, NT 2010.pdf.jpg2010Salt marsh mosquito larval control in Leanyer coastal wetland, Northern Territory-Kurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I; Carter, Jane M; Jacups, Susan P; McDonnell, Joseph