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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
-Mothers and Babies 1994-Markey, Peter; McComb, John; Woods, Maxene
infancy_adulthood_1998.pdf.jpg1998From infancy to young adulthood: health status in the Northern Territory 1998-Kennedy, Kate; Paterson, Barbara; D'Espaignet, Edouard; Measey, Mary-Anne
-Medicare benefits schedule and pharmaceutical benefits scheme utilisation in the Northern Territory, 1993-94 to 2008-09MBS and PBS utilisation in the Northern TerritoryMalyon, Rosalyn; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, Steve
Medicare and PBS usage 2003 to 2012.pdf.jpg2013Medicare and PBS usage, 2003-2012-Zhao, Yuejen
-Northern Territory health and wellbeing survey: non-indigenous population, December 2000-d'Espaignet, Edouard; Measey, Mary-Anne; Dal Grande, Elenora
-Northern Territory Market basket survey 2015-Department of Health
Cancer_Internals.pdf.jpg2007Northern Territory cancer incidence and mortality by region, 1991-2003-Condon, John; Zhang, Xiaohua; Li, Shu Qin; Garling, Lindy
-Northern Territory Market basket survey 2004Market basket survey of remote community stores in the Northern Territory, April-June 2004Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
2009Avoidable mortality trends in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations in the Northern Territory, 1985-2004Avoidable mortality trends in the Northern Territory- running titleLi, Shu Qin; Gray, Natalie; Guthridge, Steve; Pircher, Sabine; Wang, Zhiqiang; Zhao, Yuejen
medicare_usage_report.pdf.jpg2005Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme usage patterns in the Northern Territory, 1993/94 to 2003/04-Byron, Peter; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, Steve; Brailsford, Roger; Stacey, Fred; Parkinson, Judy