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1-Mar-1995Letter - Mr Rex Wild QC Director of Public Prosecutions to the Hon Denis Burke MLA Attorney General MLA Re Euthanasia Laws Bill 1996 - The Andrews Bill dated 13 September 1996Tabled Paper 2707-
Letter_-_Chief_Justice_to_Hon_Fred_Finch_Attorney_General_dated_11_November_1994.PDF.jpg23-Aug-1995Letter - Chief Justice to Hon Fred Finch Attorney General dated 11 November 1994Tabled Paper 1937-
Letter_-_Mr_Gary_Swanson_Director_Property_Client_Services_Branch_to_Mr_Daryl_Pearce_Director_Northern_Land_Council_dated_23_September_1994.PDF.jpg11-Oct-1995Letter - Mr Gary Swanson Director Property Client Services Branch to Mr Daryl Pearce Director Northern Land Council dated 23 September 1994Tabled Paper 1972-
Letter_-_Hon_P_J_Keating_to_Miss_Lois_O_Donoghue_CBE_AM_Chairperson_Aboriginal_and_Torres_Strait_Islander_Commission.PDF.jpg19-Oct-1995Letter - Hon P J Keating to Miss Lois O'Donoghue CBE AM Chairperson Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CommissionTabled Paper 2024-
11-Oct-1995Letter from the Member for Palmerston on the Wine Cask Levy dated 10 October 1995Tabled Paper 1978-
Letter_-_T_V_Walsh_Senior_Sergeant_Traffic_Coordinator_Northern_Territory_Police_Force_to_Mr_J_D_Bailey_MLA_dated_February_1991.PDF.jpg18-May-1995Letter - T V Walsh Senior Sergeant Traffic Coordinator Northern Territory Police Force to Mr J D Bailey MLA dated February 1991Tabled Paper 2255-
23-Aug-1995Letter - Hon Fred Finch Attorney General to Hon Justice J F Gallop Acting Chief Justice dated 30 September 1994Tabled Paper 1935-
Letter_-_Chief_Minister_Hon_Marshall_Perron_MLA_to_Prime_Minister_Hon_P_J_Keating_MP_dated_25_October_1993.PDF.jpg16-May-1995Letter - Chief Minister Hon Marshall Perron MLA to Prime Minister Hon P J Keating MP dated 25 October 1993Tabled Paper 1705-
Letter_-_The_Hon_Hon_Warren_Snowdon_MHR_to_Sen_The_Hon_John_Faulkner_Minister_for_Environment_Sport_and_Territories_undated.PDF.jpg18-May-1995Letter - The Hon Hon Warren Snowdon MHR to Sen The Hon John Faulkner Minister for Environment Sport and Territories undatedTabled Paper 2244-
Letter_-_Hon_Fred_Finch_MLA_Minister_for_Transport_and_Works_to_Mr_W_Anderson_Tipperary_Developments_Pty_Ltd_dated_29_October_1988.PDF.jpg22-Feb-1995Letter - Hon Fred Finch MLA Minister for Transport and Works to Mr W Anderson Tipperary Developments Pty Ltd dated 29 October 1988Tabled Paper 424-