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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-1988Annual Report 1987/88 - Northern Territory TreasuryTabled Paper 644Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Ministerial_Statement_Commonwealth_State_Housing_Agreement.PDF.jpg22-Nov-1989Ministerial Statement Commonwealth State Housing AgreementTabled Paper 1150Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Recommendation_under_Section_103_of_the_Crown_Lands_Act_Revocation_of_Reserve_No_1385_Town_of_Darwin.PDF.jpg20-Feb-1990Recommendation under Section 103 of the Crown Lands Act Revocation of Reserve No 1385 Town of DarwinTabled Paper 1236Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
26-May-1988Annual Report 1986/87 - Northern Territory Government and Public Authorities Superannuation SchemeTabled Paper 482Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Petitions_Ear_Nose_and_Throat_Specialist_in_Darwin_by_end_of_1989_373_signatures_.PDF.jpg18-Oct-1989Petitions Ear Nose and Throat Specialist in Darwin by end of 1989 (373 signatures)Tabled Paper 1096Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Regulations_No_33_Amendments_of_the_Northern_Territory_Wildlife_Regulations.PDF.jpg21-Nov-1989Regulations No 33 Amendments of the Northern Territory Wildlife RegulationsTabled Paper 1132Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Letter_Mr_G_Martin_to_Editor_Sunday_Territorian_27_November_1988.PDF.jpg29-Nov-1988Article, Sunday Territorian re Letter, from G. Martin – Just a part-time politician dated 27 November 1988Tabled Paper 696Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Financial_Administration_and_Audit_Act_Increase_in_Treasurers_Advance_dated_29_June_1989.PDF.jpg22-Aug-1989Financial Administration and Audit Act Increase in Treasurers Advance dated 29 June 1989Tabled Paper 957Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Letter_To_Speaker_from_Mr_Tony_Shaw_President_of_the_NTFL_expressing_sincere_thanks_for_the_good_wishes_of_the_Assembly.PDF.jpg3-Mar-1988Letter To Speaker from Mr Tony Shaw President of the NTFL expressing sincere thanks for the good wishes of the AssemblyTabled Paper 352Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Receipt_No_133002_GB10.PDF.jpg18-May-1988Receipt No 133002 GB10Tabled Paper 450Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory


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