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Annual_Report_2001_2002_Cobourg_Peninsula_Sanctuary_Marine_Park_Board.PDF.jpg27-May-2003Annual Report 2001/2002, Cobourg Peninsula Sanctuary & Marine Park BoardTabled Papers 909-
9th - TP 929 - Conference Paper - How Can Parliamentarians best re-engage the Public CPA.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2003Conference paper, How can Parliamentarians best re-engage the public?- Should Mandatory voting be introduced to curb public apathy?, delivered by Hon Loraine Braham, MLA, Speaker, Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory, for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 713rd Wilton Park ConferenceTabled Paper 929-
9th - TP 945 - Post Sittings Report - Alice Springs Sitting.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2003Report, Alice Springs Sittings - Post Sittings ReportTabled Paper 945-
9th - TP 914 - Report on Circumstances giving rise to dismissal of Yugul Mangi.pdf.jpg28-May-2003Report, Circumstances giving rise to the dismissal of the Yugul Mangi Community Government Council, Report by the Minister for Local Government pursuant to section 264(5) of the Local Government ActTabled Paper 914-
9th - TP 842 - Letter from Kon Vatskalis to John Pinney, DCA 4 December 2002.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2003Letter, Hon. Kon Vatskalis, Minister for Lands and Planning to Mr John Pinney, Chairman, Development Consent Authority, Re: Application to subdivide NT Portion 3951, Petrick Road, Alice Springs, dated 4 December 2002Tabled Paper 842-
9th - TP 804 - Graph, Figure 7 Territory Construction Association - Construction Activity Index.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2003Graph, Figure 7: Territory Construction Association - Construction Activity Index, January 1993 to January 2003Tabled Paper 804-
9th - TP 556 - Treasury Registration 226, Table 1, Agency Main Purpose.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2002Treasury Registration 226, Table 1, Agency/Main Purpose, by disbursements of Treasurer’s Advance and Lapsed Allocations for Legislative Assembly, Alice Springs Convention Centre, superannuation costs, Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Housing Business, Health and Community Services and PowerWaterTabled Paper 556-
9th - TP 558 - Treasury Registration 233, Repairs and Maintenance.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2002Treasury Registration 233, Repairs and Maintenance for Health and Community Services, Department of Employment, Education and Training Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Department of Community Development, Sport and Cultural AffairsTabled Paper 558-
1219 - Northern Territory Alcohol Framework Interim Report February 2004.PDF.jpg25-Feb-2004Northern Territory Alcohol Framework - Interim Report, February 2004Tabled Paper 1219-
1442 - Letter, to John Pinney, Chair, Commercial Passenger ~ Affairs Council  Lift fee in lieu of waiting time for Wheelchair accessible taxis dated 2 July 2004.PDF.jpg25-Aug-2004Letter, to John Pinney, Chair, Commercial Passenger Vehicle Board NT from Cheryl Kuhn, Chair, Consumer Affairs Council re Lift fee in lieu of waiting time for Wheelchair accessible taxis dated 2 July 2004Tabled Paper 1442-


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