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Sentinel_chicken_program_results_in_the_Top_End_of_the_NT.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2007Sentinel chicken program results in the Top End of the NT-Whelan, Peter I; Kurucz, Nina
Nov_Dec_2003.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2003The Chronicle-Chronic Diseases Network
hgains_factsheet_smoking.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2006Smoking in the Northern Territory-Chondur, Ramakrishna; Guthridge, Steve
TB_2008_Internet.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2008Guidelines for the control of tuberculosis in the Northern Territory-Centre for Disease Control
mothers_babies_2000_2002.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2005Mothers and babies 2000-2002 - a report for the Northern Territory Perinatal Information Management GroupNorthern Territory Midwives' Collection, Mothers and Babies 2000-2002Stewart, Margaret; Li, Shu Qin
1-Dec-2008Rapid identification of Aedes albopictus, Aedes scutellaris and Aedes aegypti life stages using real-time polymerase chain reaction assays-Hill, Lydia A; Davis, Joseph B; Hapgood, George; Whelan, Peter I; Smith, Greg A; Ritchie, Scott A; Cooper, Robert D; Van Den Hurk, Andrew
Top_End_Symposium_Whitehouse_Ritchie_paper_2009.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2009Collaborating in the development of an elearning strategy for the Northern Territory Dept. of Health and Families-Whitehouse, Vera; Ritchie, Ann
IndigenousDeathsChronicDisease.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2006Long-term trends in indigenous deaths from chronic diseases in the Northern Territory: a foot on the brake, a foot on the accelerator-Thomas, David; Condon, John; Anderson, Ian; Li, Shu Qin; Halpin, Stephen; Cunningham, Joan; Guthridge, Steve
nurse_report.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2008Attracting and keeping nursing professionals in an environment of chronic labour shortage: a study of mobility among nurses and midwives in the Northern Territory of Australia-Garnett, Stephen; Coe, Kristal; Golebiowska, Kate; Walsh, Helen; Zander, Kerstin; Guthridge, Steve; Li, Shu Qin; Malyon, Rosalyn
1-Aug-2009Avoidable mortality trends in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations in the Northern Territory, 1985-2004Avoidable mortality trends in the Northern Territory- running titleLi, Shu Qin; Gray, Natalie; Guthridge, Steve; Pircher, Sabine; Wang, Zhiqiang; Zhao, Yuejen