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Strategic_Workforce_Plan.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2008Strategic workforce plan 2008-2011: working together to strengthen our workforce-Northern Territory. Department of Health and Families
A_new_insect_specific_flavivirus_from_northern_Austr_Feb_2013.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2013A new insect - specific flavivirus from northern Australia suppresses replication of West Nile virus and Murray Valley encephalitis virus in co-infected mosquito cells-Hobson-Peters, Jody; Wei Yee Yam, Alice; Wei Fei Lu, Jennifer; Xiang Setoh, Yin; May, Fiona J; Kurucz, Nina; Walsh, Susan; Prow, Natalie A; Davis, Steven S; Weir, Richard; Melville, Lorna; Hunt, Neville; Webb, Richard I; Blitvich, Bradley J; Whelan, Peter I; Hall, Roy A
Western_Gulf_of_Carpentaria_exotic_vector_surv.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2009Western Gulf of Carpentaria - exotic vector surveillance April - May 2006-Nguyen, Huy T; Shortus, Matthew; Whelan, Peter I
Tennant_Creek_Mosquito_Survey_Report.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2009Tennant Creek report, mosquito survey Tennant Creek, 2-6 February 2009-Kurucz, Nina
1-Aug-2009Quantifying the drivers of larval density patterns in two tropical mosquito species to maximize control efficiency-De Little, Siobhan C; Bowman, David MJS; Whelan, Peter I; Brook, Barry W; Bradshaw, Corey J
medical_education_training_review_report.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2007NT review of medical education and training: final report-Smith, Janie Dade; Wolfe, Christina
Gonococal_Conjunctivitis.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2005Guidelines for the control of gonococcal conjunctivitis in the Northern Territory--
Guidelines_for_Malaria_2012.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2012Guidelines for malaria 2012Malaria guidelines for health professionals in the Northern Territory-
24-Jun-2009Territory FM presenter interviews Dr Rosalind Webby (head of Immunisation at the Centre for Disease Control) about the vaccination program for human papilloma virus (HPV)-Webby, Rosalind
1-Mar-2003Variability of larval identification characters of exotic Aedes albopictus (Skuse) intercepted in Darwin, Northern Territory-Lamche, Gisela; Whelan, Peter I