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PH0091-0032.tif.jpg1974-10-00Jim Ah Toy-
PH0091-0035.tif.jpg1974-10-00Edward Ah Toy-
08027.JPG.jpg1929-00-00HouseLitchfield, Jessie, 1883-1956
05524.JPG.jpg1968-00-00Fannie Bay Hotel-
01755.JPG.jpg1974-07-00Fannie Bay Gaol, DarwinCheater, Graeme, 1955-
05532.JPG.jpg0000-00-00Fannie Bay Hotel, East Point Road, Darwin-
PH0944-0050.tif.jpg1974-12-25Cyclone damaged property-
PH0034-0050.tif.jpg1950-01-01The town of Alice Springs-
04718.JPG.jpg1980-00-00Lyons Cottage-