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Medical Entomology Annual Report 2006-2007 complete.pdf.jpg2008-01Medical Entomology Branch Report 2006/07Whelan, Peter I; Kurucz, Nina; Warchot, Allan; Carter, Jane M; Pettit, William J; Nguyen, Huy T; Niscioli, Alan; Copley, Nadine; Kulbac, Myron; Whitters, Raelene T; Pearce, Tamara
Report Andranangoo Creek West and Lethbridge Bay West Sandmining.pdf.jpg2005-10Biting insect assessment, Andranangoo Creek West & Lethbridge Bay West mining prospects, Tiwi Islands, 29 September - 1 October 2005Warchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter I
blding_better_comm_central_aust.pdf.jpg2004Building healthier communities - Central Australia regional planDept. of Health and Community Services
report Maud Creek mine complete.pdf.jpg2008-07Maud Creek Gold Mine biting insect assessmentWarchot, Allan
2008Heart of the matter: learning the process of rheumatic heart disease educationMitchell, Alice
Dengue Mosquito Control Assessment - Final.pdf.jpg2005-05-03Dengue mosquito control assessment, 13-15 April 2005, Dili, Timor Leste (title on cover)Whelan, Peter I; Pettit, William J
nurse_report.pdf.jpg2008Attracting and keeping nursing professionals in an environment of chronic labour shortage: a study of mobility among nurses and midwives in the Northern Territory of AustraliaGarnett, Stephen; Coe, Kristal; Golebiowska, Kate; Walsh, Helen; Zander, Kerstin; Guthridge, Steve; Li, Shu Qin; Malyon, Rosalyn
facs_BathAudit_HighriskClients_ExecutiveSummary.pdf.jpg2007-11Northern Territory Community Services high risk audit: executive summary & recommendationsBath, Howard; Boswell, Diana
Vegetation parameters as indicators for saltmarsh mosquito larval control Dec 2009 .pdf.jpg2009Vegetation parameters as indicators for salt marsh mosquito larval control in coastal swamps in northern AustraliaKurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I; Carter, Jane M; Jacups, Susan P
mbs2004.pdf.jpg2004-12Market basket survey of remote community stores in the Northern Territory, April-June 2004Nutrition and Physical Activity Program