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06 Gulf Survey Report Final.pdf.jpg2006Exotic Aedes vector survey, east coast of Northern Territory, 27 April - 15 May 2006-Shortus, Matthew; Nguyen, Huy T; Whelan, Peter I
A polymerase chain reaction based diagnostic to identify larvae and eggs of 2007.pdf.jpg2007Polymerase chain reaction based diagnostic to identify larvae and eggs of container mosquito species from the Australian region-Beebe, Nigel W; Cooper, Robert D; Corcoran, Sarah; Ritchie, Scott A; Van Den Hurk, Andrew; Whelan, Peter I
Medically important insects in the NT and how disasters may affect them 2003.pdf.jpg2003Medically important insects in the Northern Territory and how disasters may affect them-Whelan, Peter I; Van Den Hurk, Andrew
27-May-2009Vicki Kerrigan (ABC local radio) interviews Vicki Krause (Director of the Centre for Disease Control in the Department of Health and Families) about swine flu (H1N1 influenza) and Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)-Krause, Vicki; Kerrigan, Vicki
2008Rapid identification of Aedes albopictus, Aedes scutellaris and Aedes aegypti life stages using real-time polymerase chain reaction assays-Hill, Lydia A; Davis, Joseph B; Hapgood, George; Whelan, Peter I; Smith, Greg A; Ritchie, Scott A; Cooper, Robert D; Van Den Hurk, Andrew
Reappearance of human cases.pdf.jpg2002Reappearance of human cases due to Murray Valley encephalitis virus and Kunjin virus in Central Australia after an absence of 26 years-Brown, Alex; Bolisetty, Srinivas; Whelan, Peter I; Smith, David W; Wheaton, Gavin
PDF Report post construction trapping.pdf.jpg2007Darwin LNG Plant (Wickham Point) post construction biting insect trapping September and October 2006-Warchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter I
Mosquito Control at Hickeys Lake- 2003.pdf.jpg2003Mosquito control at Hickey's Lake, Katherine, NT-Kurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I; Daly, Chris
Bites and Stings in the Top End and how to avoid them - CDC Bulletin Version - 2005.pdf.jpg2005Bites and stings in the Top End and how to avoid them-Whelan, Peter I
24-Mar-2009Peter Perrin (Territory FM 104.1) interviews Vicki Krause about Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)-Krause, Vicki; Perrin, Peter