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WRD86067.pdf.jpg1986Bore completion report bore 23905 Alroy Downs outstation-Northern Territory. Department of Mines and Energy. Water Resources Division. Assessment Branch. Groundwater Section
Hydrogeophysical report 82-4 A resistivity receiver for hydrogeophysical investigation.pdf.jpg1982A resistivity receiver for Hydrophysical investiagtionsHydrogeophysical report 82/4 : a resistivity receiver for Hydrophysical investiagtionsFurness, Peter
WRA93051.pdf.jpg26-Dec-1993Penyeme and Ilperle : excisions, Jinka Station, completion reportPenyeme and Ilperle : excisions, Jinka Station DLH- Bore Completion Report, RN 16235 & 16236 DLH-Wischusen, John D. H.; Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Branch
Catalogue_of_Groundwater_monitoring_bores_in_the_Southern_Region_of_the_Northern_Territory_Volume_1.pdf.jpg2009Catalogue of groundwater monitoring bores in the southern region of the Northern Territory-Pye, Ann; Gibbons, Noel; Northern Territory. Department Of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts And Sport. Natural Resources Division
Pumping tests in the Northern Territory - A new spatial dataset - WRD14004.pdf.jpg2014Pumping tests in the Northern Territory : a new spatial dataset-Diem Phuong Nguyen, S; TickellS, S. J. (Steven)
WRA87027.pdf.jpg1987Bore completion report. Utopia (Urapuntja) areaBore completion report. Utopia area - * Adelaide bore RN14691; dlh-027 * Aniltjiy RN14690; dlh-082 * Ngkulaya RN14689; dlh-104 * Mingintirnina RN14688; dlh-126 * Ngwarialanima RN14681 dlh-146 * Atnarara RN14687; dlh-147 * Arrawara RN; prepared by Derek CollinCollin, D.; Power and Water Authority. Water Directorate. Hydrogeology section
WRD03022.pdf.jpg2003Groundwater in the Northern Territory, NT Waterwatch Education Kit Part 7-Harlock, J.
WRA06039.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2006Mt Ebenezer station & roadhouse field survey report 2006 : roadhouse & bore photos-data tables & bore locations-Turner, Phil; Northern Territory. Department Of Natural Resources, Environment And The Arts
WRD93036.pdf.jpg1993Bore completion report, bore 471, Elliot CommunityP. Tyson.; Bore completion report, rn 471, Elliot community dlh-225.Tyson, P.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority
WRD92049.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1992Jabiru Township water supply : Nanambu Creek borefield drilling : construction, testing and recommendations of RN 28350B. Kunde and D. PidsleyKunde, B.; Pidsley, D.; Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Division