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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
17269.JPG.jpg21-Nov-1971Darwin Harbour--
05564.JPG.jpg30-Nov-1973Smith Street--
PH0049-0003.tif.jpg1972Darwin from the airFay Cheater.Cheater, Fay
PH0120-0052.tif.jpg26-Feb-1974Roger W.S. Vale, MLA--
PH0377-0112.tif.jpg30-Dec-1974Cyclone Tracy damage in the northern suburbs of Darwin--
05976.JPG.jpg6-Mar-1979Rod C. Oliver, MLA--
00602.JPG.jpg1975Damage to a house in Lee Point Road-Karlhuber, Joe
PH0049-0002.tif.jpg1972Aerial view, DarwinFay Cheater.Cheater, Fay