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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
PH0748-0033.tif.jpg1-Jan-1949Izod family--
PH0100-0040.tif.jpg1-Jan-1912Gilruth familyJames Pinkerton CampbellCampbell, James Pinkerton
41005.JPG.jpg-Edna and Glen Tambling--
42037.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1940Family at home--
PH0858-0082.tif.jpg1-Jan-1920A man with two women and two childrenRobert MonteithMonteith, Robert
14362.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1956Ian and Graeme Cheater-Moyses, Doug
PH0858-0068.tif.jpg1-Jan-1920Woman and childrenRobert MonteithMonteith, Robert
14559.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1910Group at Government House--
08759.JPG.jpg25-Mar-1955Guard of Honour for Governor General Sir William Slim--