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Financial_Administration_and_Audit_Act_-_Direction_of_Administrator_-_Transfer_of_Funds_Saved_pursuant_to_section_13_1_a_Northern_Territory_Treasury_Services_-_~_Office_of_Aboriginal_Development.PDF.jpg28-Jun-1994Financial Administration and Audit Act Direction of Administrator Transfer of Funds Saved pursuant to section 13(1)(a) Northern Territory Treasury Services Department of Industries and Development Office of Aboriginal Development Department of Lands, Housing and Local Government Northern Territory University Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries Power and Water Authority Water Resources Electrical Workers and Licensing Board Department of Transport and Works Services dated 1 June 1994Tabled Paper 29-
Annual_Report_1993_94_Department_of_Primary_Industries_and_Fisheries.PDF.jpg1-Dec-1994Annual Report 1993/94 Department of Primary Industries and FisheriesTabled Paper 361-
30-Nov-1994Table 8 Participation in Preschool and Primary School Education Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children Aged 3 to 5 years, by Gender 1986 and 1991Tabled Paper 323-
Message_No.1_from_the_Administrator_Appropriation_Bill_1994_1995.PDF.jpg27-Jun-1994Message No.1 from the Administrator Appropriation Bill 1994/1995 dated 21 June 1991Tabled Paper 7-
Child_Accident_Prevention_Foundation_of_Australia_Accident_Vol_1_No_2_-_December_1993.PDF.jpg23-Nov-1994Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia Accident Vol 1 No 2 December 1993Tabled Paper 267-
Extract from 1993 Northern Territory AEP Strategic Plan Report - NT Strategic Objective 2 - Employment of Aboriginal People.PDF.jpg28-Jun-1994Extract from 1993 Northern Territory AEP Strategic Plan Report NT Strategic Objective 2 Employment of Aboriginal PeopleTabled Paper 39-
Annual_Report_1993_94_Menzies_School_of_Health_Resource.PDF.jpg1-Dec-1994Annual Report 1993/94 Menzies School of Health ResourceTabled Paper 352-
Letter_H_R_Smerdon_Under_Treasurer_to_the_Treasurer_Queensland_Treasury_to_Treasury_Northern_Territory_dated_30_May_1994.PDF.jpg30-Jun-1994Letter H R Smerdon Under Treasurer to the Treasurer Queensland Treasury to Treasury Northern Territory dated 30 May 1994Tabled Paper 49-
Regulations_1994_No36_Marine_Hire_and_Drive_Vessel_Regulations.PDF.jpg4-Sep-1994Regulations 1994 No.36 Marine Hire and Drive Vessel RegulationsTabled Paper 169-
28-Jun-1994Table 1993/94 Ethnic Affairs Grants ProgramTabled Paper 38-