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Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Nhulunbuy_Lynne_Walker_travel_to_Galiwinku_Elcho_Island_~_13th_November_2013_pursuant_to_paragraph_4_12_dated_5_December_2013.PDF.jpg11-Feb-2014Remuneration Tribunal Determination, Travel Report Member for Nhulunbuy Lynne Walker, travel to Galiwinku (Elcho Island) and Gawa to meet with constituents on various issues, 11th – 13th November 2013 pursuant to paragraph 4:12, dated 5 December 2013Tabled paper 704Walker, Lynne
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Nhulunbuy_Ms_Lynne_Walker_to_visit_Central_Arnhem_Road_and_meet_~_21_July_2013_pursuant_to_the_paragraph_4_12_dated_10_October_20.PDF.jpg15-Oct-2013Remuneration Tribunal Determination, Travel Report, Member for Nhulunbuy, Ms Lynne Walker, to visit Central Arnhem Road, and meet with CEO's from Victoria Daly Shire and Roper Gulf Shire on 14th – 21 July 2013, pursuant to the paragraph 4.12, dated 10 October 2013Tabled paper 550Walker, Lynne
Remuneration_Tribunal_DeterminationTravel_Report_Member_for_Nhulunbuy_Ms_Lynne_Walker_to_attend_meetings_tour_and_~_19th_December_2014_pursuant_to_clause_4_12_dated_23_January_2015.PDF.jpg26-Feb-2015Remuneration Tribunal Determination, Travel Report, Member for Nhulunbuy Ms Lynne Walker to attend meetings, tour and briefings at the Royal Darwin Hospital from 16th – 19th December 2014, pursuant to clause 4:12, dated 23 January 2015Tabled paper 1265Walker, Lynne
Remuneration_~_Report_Member_for_Nhulunbuy_Ms_Lynne_Walker_to_attend_Children_s_Ward_at_RDH_Henbury_School_Corporate_Luncheon_and_a_meeting_with_NT_Working_Women_s_Centre_Anglicare_Launch.PDF.jpg15-Mar-2016Remuneration Tribunal Determination, Travel Report, Member for Nhulunbuy, Ms Lynne Walker to attend Children’s Ward at Royal Darwin Hospital, Henbury School Corporate Luncheon and a meeting with NT Working Women’s Centre, Anglicare Launch on 4 December 2015, pursuant to clause 6.11, dated 11 February 2016Tabled paper 1701Walker, Lynne
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Nhulunbuy_Ms_Lynne_~_and_Alice_Springs_for_various_meetings_from_8_May_and_19_May_2015_pursuant_to_clause_4_12_dated_18_June_2015.PDF.jpg25-Aug-2015Remuneration Tribunal Determination Travel Report Member for Nhulunbuy Ms Lynne Walker to travel to Darwin Wadeye and Alice Springs for various meetings from 8 May and 19 May 2015 pursuant to clause 4.12 dated 18 June 2015Tabled paper 1424Walker, Lynne
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Nhulunbuy_Ms_Lynne_Walker_travel_to_Darwin_to_Katherine_Darwin_to_~_26_July_2015_pursuant_to_clause_4_12_dated_17_September_2015.PDF.jpg17-Sep-2015Remuneration Tribunal Determination Travel Report Member for Nhulunbuy Ms Lynne Walker travel to Darwin to Katherine Darwin to Melbourne to attend meetings between 15 – 26 July 2015 pursuant to clause 4.12 dated 17 September 2015Tabled paper 1487Walker, Lynne


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