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23-Aug-1994Report of the Uranium Policy Review Committee of the National Executive of the Australian Labour Party dated 10 April 1991Tabled Paper 85-
28-Feb-1996Transcripts Morning Program 8DDD Tuesday 12 December 1995 Fred McCue/Daryl Manzie Fred McCue/Clare Martin Jail Break Escapees at LargeTabled Paper 2333-
Press_Release_Measures_table_Labours_1996_Federal_Election_Campaign_Launch_Updated_score_sheet_Labours_Election_Commitments.PDF.jpg22-Feb-1996Press Release Measures table Labours 1996 Federal Election Campaign Launch Updated score sheet Labours Election CommitmentsTabled Paper 2238-
Northern_Territory_Branch_of_the_Australian_Medical_Association_Inc_Statements_from_the_Plenary_Session_of_the_conference_-_Narcotic_Use_and_Abuse_in_the_Northern_Territory.PDF.jpg22-Nov-1995Northern Territory Branch of the Australian Medical Association Inc Statements from the Plenary Session of the conference - Narcotic Use and Abuse in the Northern TerritoryTabled Paper 2078-
Financial_Management_Act_Direction_by_Acting_Administrator_in_pursuance_of_section_20_1_a_-_Department_of_Education_dated_30_June_1995.PDF.jpg15-Aug-1995Financial Management Act Direction by Acting Administrator in pursuance of section 20(1)(a) - Department of Education dated 30 June 1995Tabled Paper 1884-
1-May-1997Graph - Unemployment Rates Annual average Source ABS Catalogue No 6202.0 NT Treasury estimateTabled Paper 3243-
Select_Committee_on_Euthanasia_Submission_No_501_-_Lowe_H_J.PDF.jpg16-May-1995Select Committee on Euthanasia Submission No 501 - Lowe H JTabled Paper 1011-
Select_Committee_on_Euthanasia_Submission_No_370_-_Roan_H.PDF.jpg16-May-1995Select Committee on Euthanasia Submission No 370 - Roan HTabled Paper 880-
Advertisement_-_Firearms_What_s_Happening_signed_by_Brian_C_Bates_Commissioner_of_Police_Tennant_and_District_Times_dated_13_September_1996.PDF.jpg17-Sep-1996Advertisement - Firearms What's Happening signed by Brian C Bates Commissioner of Police Tennant and District Times dated 13 September 1996Tabled Paper 2651-
15-Aug-1995Financial Management Act Variation of Allocations to Activities in pursuance of section 23(1) - Department of Education dated 23 June 1995Tabled Paper 1898-


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